Michael Japhet is a student of Marketing department at the Faculty of Management Sciences, Obio Akpa Campus. Michael is a visionary entrepreneur with a history of venturing into different business lines. His first business venture began in 2009 during his secondary school years with waterleaf farming. The second venture he pursued is in the Point of Sale (POS) business, which he started about a year ago.

In terms of economic potentials, the waterleaf business is seasonal, and profits depend on the farm’s size and length. On the other hand, the success of the POS business depends on its location. A good location can lead to daily profits.

For the waterleaf business, he started with a capital of 200k, considering he already had a farm. The POS business required an initial investment of 350k after buying the machine and getting it registered.

Michael’s journey has seen both highs and lows. The waterleaf business has been productive enough to support his education, while the POS business is still in its early stages but shows promise. However, challenges are a part of entrepreneurship, and Michael believes in facing them head-on. He believes in the power of taking calculated risks and learning from experiences. His business structure involves hiring assistance for the waterleaf farm, especially during activities like weeding. His businesses are not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Michael envisions the assistance of policymakers and investors in expanding his businesses. He has ideas that could lead to more employment opportunities within the community.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in similar fields is to pursue their ideas if they have the capital to establish them. The value these ventures bring to individuals and society at large is significant. Entrepreneurs willing to take risks and establish larger businesses can contribute to employment generation, thereby enhancing the state’s economy.

To connect with Michael and learn more about his journey, here are his contact details: 07013570275, 08052078571; Email: mjaphet532@gmail.com

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