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Photography is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria because of the importance of photographs in people’s lives. Photographs play a significant role in people’s lives, they capture our beautiful moments, allow us to keep in touch with the past and bring back fond memories of special times, people, and places. If you want to become a successful photographer, this story of Daniel Orji Ekuma will inspire you to fulfil your dreams.

daniel orji

Ekuma Daniel Orji a lead photographer and Creative director of Danny Photography, he is from Ebonyi State and a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering.  His targeted goal is to impact lives positively as an Akwa Ibom-based photographer. Ekuma is very dedicated to his work, he takes timely images that suit people and events. As a professional photographer with creative skills, he has worked with so many dimensional companies and individuals within and across Nigeria. Daniel likes reading, travelling and swimming.

Daniel Ekuma is a go-getter and a photographer that believes in himself and his abilities and that is why his favourite quote is Be Solution Oriented and Turn Problems into Advantages and Believe in Yourself and Ability to be the Best.

Daniel ventured into the photography business in 2019, according to him, he didn’t want to be subjected to intense job hunting when he finishes school, so to create a job opportunity for himself, he ventured into this business on the verge of finishing his studies. Photography is a very productive business and in the words of Daniel “Photography is a fast-growing and sustainable business around the globe, and if one is able to build a standard and stay focused they will make enough money from the business”.

Although the photography business is a high-income generating business, however, you will have to invest your money, time and energy to make it work. Daniel started this business with a considerable amount of four hundred and fifty thousand naira (450,000) which he used to buy a camera and light for a start.

The high points recorded so far in his business is his ability to work with so many brands and individuals across Nigeria, and also his enablement to purchase most of the basic Photography Equipment. Moreover, his low point in the business is his inability to train other people to contribute to societal growth due to a lack of physical office space.

As challenges are inevitable in business, the thought of giving up has crept into his mind several times due to lack of funds to buy basic photography equipment but he remained resolute and kept pushing because of his passion and enthusiasm for the business and his belief that tough times do not last but tough people do.

Daniel’s business is yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and he works alone pending when he would be able to hire staff to boost productivity.  Daniel avers that the business structure of photography is a Limited Liability Company, and becoming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a perfect business structure for small and medium-sized photography businesses to choose to gain liability protection and demonstrate professionalism to clients.

Business mentors are important to keep you on track in your business and Daniel presents Malvin Photography and Goldwire Production to be his business mentors. According to him, the men have been in the business for years and that is a great reason to follow their lead. Moreover, he follows other great business coaches online, too.

Daniel wants Policymakers and Investors to assist him in making a business policy to help young entrepreneurs grow and also invest in small-scale businesses to help them grow, too.

Daniel has attested that the photography business is a high-income generating business. If you are in doubt about starting this business, let this story of Daniel motivate you to go into action.

Contact: 08060416968,. dannyphotographyofficial25@gmail.com

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    I remain focused in Archiving all my Goals through Photography and also helping the Society at large.

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