Moses eteng

Meet Moses Eteng Ubi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Educated Agidi. He ventured into his line of business in July 2018. Moses affirms that one can make money from his business. His business is very profitable because it has to do with edibles. Moses started his business with a startup capital of fifteen thousand naira (N15000).

moses eteng educated agidi

The high point recorded so far in his business is the ability to create an impact in society and make people know that there is no shame in street marketing. He has also employed three people in

The low point recorded in his business was when he got disappointed by a delivery guy. Furthermore, not having a strategic location to display his products is another low point of his business.

Moses has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges. He always looks for means to solve his problems and stay focused on his business. He needs assistance from policymakers and investors to ensure the continuous supply of his products during the rainy season when he faces challenges with the weather.

Contact: 09138747539

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    1. No one does it better than Moses.

      You inspire alot of youths out there. Please keep on doing what you know best. God will connect you to your helpers soon, Amen.

  1. I admire your resilience and determination.
    You are a lesson to many of us.
    You definitely will win.
    I am rooting for you

  2. Moses Eteng….God will enlarge ur coast….,keep on encouraging our youth who are folding hands waiting for white collar jobs from a failed Government.

  3. Very few young men or women would have the courage/humility do what you do. I admire you for your tenacity. Your example is Worth emulating. You have shown that one doesn’t need to be in an office to look good and be as happy as you are. You carry yourself well with a smile on your face, and the way you dress would attract people to taste your educated agidi. I wish you well. Success is what will follow you.

  4. Supporting you cos of your courage, consistency and great passion and love for your business and great insight to develop this business to the next level. You’re indeed gifted – believe.

  5. Moses Eteng is very hard working. I have been patronizing him since my uni days. I hope he gets the assistance he deserves.

  6. You inspire me alot, like

    Whenever I see you, I see dedication, unwavering zeal to secure a brighter future…. You deserve everything good …God bless you. . .

  7. Your cleanliness & passion in what you do is something I admire a lot. Weldone sir. God bless you abundantly 🙏

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