Maxwell Emobile, the CEO of Green Vision Technologies, is a driven tech entrepreneur hailing from Akwa Ibom State. Alongside his studies as a 300L Physics student at the University of Uyo, Maxwell manages his diverse business, providing an array of technical services, from satellite installations to electrical wiring and electronics installations, as well as videography and editing.

Maxwell’s journey into the world of technical solutions began in 2016, driven by his desire to address people’s technical problems. He has witnessed the substantial economic potential of his business. By resolving issues related to electricity, electronics, and satellite installations, his services not only meet human needs but also generate income.

Maxwell doesn’t view his business as a solo endeavor; he actively shares his knowledge and has trained a network of skilled individuals, contributing to the growth of the industry.

His entrepreneurial journey commenced with a humble investment of ₦50,000 in selling satellite and electrical products. Despite the challenges he has faced, Maxwell’s journey has been marked by moments of triumph. He finds satisfaction in being a technician, takes joy in receiving referrals, and values the trust clients place in him.

Challenges have not deterred Maxwell; instead, they’ve served as valuable lessons. While his path wasn’t always easy, especially in the intricacies of satellite tracking, he never once considered giving up. For Maxwell, every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

In the structure of his business, Maxwell plays a hands-on role and also engages skilled individuals to ensure impeccable service delivery. His future plans include registering his business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, formalizing his venture.

Maxwell draws inspiration from several mentors, including Engr. Chris Mgbemne Don, Mr. Anietie Edet, Mezil Communications, and Sarah Tom.

Maxwell believes that policymakers and investors have the potential to make a significant impact on his business by connecting him with more customers and assisting with CAC registration.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: Believe in God, embrace challenges, work hard with a vision, seek advice from experts, and strategically plan for success.

Regarding the impact entrepreneurs can create on the economy, Maxwell envisions job opportunities as a pivotal outcome.

You can reach him on 08024389517 or

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