itohowo inyang

My name is Itohowo Akpabio Inyang. I’m from Ini LGA of Akwa Ibom State, and a graduate of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron. I am a tailor by profession and the creative director of Aimat Tailors, a brand based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

itohowo inyang

I ventured into my line of business when I noticed that the problem many people were facing with tailors was a lack of timely delivery. So I ventured into the tailoring industry professionally in 2019 and the brand Aimat Tailors started operation.

My business is lucrative and one can make money from it. We all know that clothes are basic needs of humans and therefore there is high potential for the business to add value and make money in return.

itohowo inyang

I started my business with a startup capital of three hundred thousand naira (N300,000). I experienced a high point in the business when I won two awards which are the 2020 Akwa Ibom Dynamic Awards and the 2022 Ibom Achievers Award.

Aimat tailors Aimat tailors

The business experienced failure due to the economic situation of the country in the early parts of 2023. I have never thought about giving up in the face of challenges. I do the administrative and production work with the few people I hired. Aimat Tailors is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist me to gain more visibility and connect with value-oriented people.

Contact: 09039000126,

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  1. I recognize with this brand. Making authentic clothing with specifications for clients comfort and their timely delivery is top notch.

    1. I Recommend this this brand
      He’s my personal designer, interns of time and classy delivery he has never failed me yet.

    1. I give it to this brand for their uniqueness, organization and leadership. They are simply the best; their finishing is unbeatable, top-notch and elegant. I recommend Aimat Tailors.

  2. Aimat tailors stands out when it comes to timely delivery and they deliver the best fashion designs. Here’s one fashion brand one can build a lasting relationship with.

  3. One of my go to fashion brand any time any day. The best in town. If you are in uyo or any where in the world, I recommend this brand to you. Try them and thank me later. Itohowo Iyang knows his onions 💯

    1. Aimat brand standouts in term of delivery, efficiency and in cost. I100% recommend him to any firm or organization who want to partner or patronize him.

  4. Aimat Tailors is best when it comes to timely delivery and clean finishing. It’s a highly recommend fashion brands…

  5. Aimat tailors remains the surest fashion plug. You can never go wrong with Aimat. Neat finishing, timely delivery, satisfaction, it’s Aimat all the way.

  6. I have to explain every time to people that my cloths ain’t readymade but tailored by Aimat Tailors’ perfect seaming…
    My wardrobe is 90% Aimat 💯

  7. The first quality is for one to be different, AIMAT Tailors are committed to creating a different and the best customer experience possible. These brand is reliable anytime any day..

  8. Aimat BT,
    I have tested and i am sure, whatever this brand offers and will offer, have lived up to standards expected by customers.
    I have a target of referring 50 more customers before 2025.


  9. I am proud to be one of those who witness the beginning of Aimat International and we’ve brainstormed severally about the future of Aimat, though Aimat is not there yet, but I am very much optimistic of the brand Aimat. Aimat has been bridging the gap that ever caused Tailors to delay when it comes to timely delivery. Kudos to Aimat International.

  10. This is a great brand I have known, their delivery system, finishing, and styling is top notch. I recommend this brand to anyone who needs tailoring shop to do great business.

  11. A good brand with great hands… The clothes are always neatly made, stylish and delivery time is top notch.

  12. Aimat Tailors
    Always delivering on time…

    The discipline and leadership is exceptional and what gets me most is how the students are being trained…
    Aimat any day anytime …

  13. A brand that puts a smile on your face
    and brings satisfaction to your door step, A brand you can count on at any point in time, A brand that grows great minds and creates impact…….

  14. Okay, not too long I had to get some work done with my cloths and I had just one place and person in mind, “Aimat own by Itohowo”, because it’s been quite a while I went around a tailors place and knowing very well how I got disappointed a lot of times by my previous tailor I would give an 8 out of a 10 to Aimat

  15. It’s the consistency in quality service delivery and customer satisfaction with the ability to standout as a team member that I admire about the brand AIMAT Bespoke Tailors

  16. Aimat is good
    When I met the boss, he told me of their core values
    A- Authenticity
    I – Integrity
    M – Meticulousness
    A – Accessibility
    T – Timely Delivery…
    I never forget this cus of the experience they gave me…

  17. You work and timing is accurate. So far I have no delayed work with you. And your craft is great and well priced

  18. Kill that urge of requesting for someone who does it cheaper. You can never go wrong with Aimat.
    He knows and understands the craft, he does it better and at an affordable price.

  19. There was a time I made a dress with them
    I almost got disappointed but they delivered me
    (although I know I gave the fabric and
    money late)

  20. I have known AIMAT TAILORS for a long time
    And I can recommend and trust his delivery.
    Neat stitches and prompt delivery is one of his advantage over others.


  21. We tried several tailoring outfits for our bulk order and we ALWAYS had late deliveries, ALWAYS until we got in business with Aimat.
    He’s always timely.
    Superb packaging.
    Neat finishing.
    Highly professional.

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