Ndifreke Inyang Johnson

Ndifreke Inyang Johnson is a native of Esit Eket LGA of Akwa Ibom State. He is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Uyo. Ndifreke is the CEO of Jinotype Nigeria Enterprises, a company that specializes in enhancing the atmosphere of your space, including your ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture. They also offer personalized items such as earrings, pendants, and rings.

When asked why he ventured into his line of business, he recounts that his love to create something with his hands prompted him to learn about Epoxy during his NYSC in Kwara State. Epoxy is the primary material his company uses in creating designs for their clients. Ndifreke is a firm believer that the atmosphere of our space has a part to play in our lives from our mood, productivity, and even how we relate with each.

Ndifreke Inyang JohnsonNdifreke Inyang Johnson

Ndifreke affirms that his business is lucrative and one can make money from it. He reveals that the economic potential is significant, given his location – Akwa Ibom – which he deems as an untapped market, as there are only a few businesses offering services related to Epoxy. There are several opportunities to generate income through his business, such as working with individual clients, securing contracts, and even educating others.

Apart from the twenty thousand naira (N20,000), he paid for the training he also purchased his first set of tools with about 40,000 naira making it sixty thousand naira. One of the low points of his business was when trainees couldn’t afford to purchase the necessary materials to start their entrepreneurial journey. Another issue in his business is that some potential clients are resistant to trying new products, preferring to stick with what they are accustomed to, such as tiles. This is disheartening as it showed a lack of willingness to learn and explore new ideas.

Ndifreke has thought about giving up in the face of challenges, but he did not give in to it as he believes that consistency is the key to success. He often encourages himself to keep pushing, and for him, success is inevitable. He works alone and only engages people to work with him when the demand is high. Furthermore, his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number 3302923.

Ndifreke Inyang Johnson

Ndifreke acknowledges Tosin Esho who uses Epoxy for her business, Mr. Idongesit Nsima a business consultant, Mr. Mustapha Michael, and Mr. Joe Otu (facilitator at the MEGP program) as his business mentors.

Policymakers and investors can assist Ndifreke with funds to purchase business equipment to boost production, advertise his business, and also train youths who are willing to learn the business but are financially incapacitated.

Ndifreke appreciates Mrs. Meflyn Anwana and the organizers of this program for the opportunity to tell his business story.

Contact: 08104008636, ndifrekejohnson@gmail.com

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  1. I can testify to his continuous tenacity to grow regardless of all the challenges we face running a business.

  2. I like his professionalism in delivery. As an event planner, I engage a lot with souvenirs and personalized gifts brands and I can say Jinotype is a good brand.

  3. he is very good at what he does his finishing is top-notch.
    I really appreciate his recipients in this business.

  4. I really commend your resilience, and your top notch of creativity in ensuring that Jinotype gets attention, despite the challenges.
    You are on the ladder to your Zenith.
    The world will hear you soonest……..

  5. Tested and trusted. He is good at what he does. I made an ordered, he was able to deliver on time without delay.

  6. He is good in what he’s doing, Tested n proven , my parlour wall n ceiling are evidence of his creativity.

  7. Jinotype is a good brand. The Great professionalism, excellent goals and vision which the CEO, Ndifreke Johnson portrays in his brand is seen in the jobs he has done. We talked one and one and I can tell with his passion and expertise, the sky can only be the springboard for Jinotype Nigeria Enterprises.

  8. Amazing work Ndifreke delivers. Very true to his art, this line of business is one we should all look out for.

  9. I love your energy amd drive. Keep up tje good work.
    You’re good at what you do and God will help you get this.

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