Meet Priscilla Anthony, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, currently residing in Uyo. She is a 400-level student of History and International Studies, at the University of Uyo. She is also an entrepreneur who has engaged in different lines of business and her journey in the business world started in 2009.

Priscilla is the CEO and Managing Director of Prisca Pops, a business that has been in existence for one year now. Prisca Pops renders high-quality, tasty, and creamy milk Popcorn and other Popcorn flavours on request to any event or friendly gathering, and for sale in marketplaces and shops.

Priscillia Anthony Priscillia Anthony

Priscilla’s passion for business made her venture into the popcorn business.  She operates the business alone and determines the pricing per quality of corn. She strives to give her customers the best product at a friendly market price. Priscilla reveals that Popcorn production is a viable business to venture into and one can make money from it. However, she states that making money from the business depends on the entrepreneur’s managing capacity likewise the losses.

Priscilla started her business with a startup capital of one hundred and five thousand naira (N105,000). The high points recorded in the business so far are the expansion of the business, the ability to generate profit from the business and pay back the loans she took from family members to start the business within a short period of time, and the ability to be financially independent as a student.

The low point recorded in the business so far is her inability to manage finances while balancing business, home, and miscellaneous expenses properly. She says that she experiences difficulty in managing her business account properly.

She does not work alone, she has someone who helps her out in the business and her business is yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist Priscilla with funds to expand her business; mentorship programs, and visibility to make more sales.

Contact: 08148176538,

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