Nsisong Akpan is a native of Ifa Ikot Okpon, Etoi in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. A graduate of Akwa Ibom State University, Department of Performing Arts she runs Sisco Beauty, a makeup business.

She ventured into her line of business in February 2021 because of her passion to create and recreate the things she does. Before this time, Nsisong didn’t have any form of support from anyone. In 2015 when she got admission into the University she started making up her friends at a token of 300-500 Naira from the knowledge she got from Dr Margaret Akpan in the University of Uyo Theatre Arts Department during my Diploma classes.

nsisong akpan

In 2020, she went for proper makeup training from the little income from her Nysc allowance and since then her brand has been moving from one stage to another and primarily helping create opportunities for others by training them to be self-independent, especially in this present time where there are no white collar jobs.

Nsisong affirms that one can make money from her business, and she started her business with a startup capital of forty thousand naira (N40,000).

The high points recorded in the business are her ability to purchase the basic tools for running the business, rent an office space and get a good phone for promoting the business on social media platforms, while the low points of the business are the lack of good working tools and the inability to access funds to expand the business.

nsisong akpan

Nsisong admits she has thought about giving up in the face of challenges but passion for the business drives her on. The structure of her business is strictly sole proprietorship. She runs the business all by herself but when she has more than 15 clients, she calls on her trainees and colleagues to assist her. Her business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist Nsisong with funds to purchase her business tools and also expand her business.


Contact: 07086791337, nsisong61@gmail.com

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          1. She’s good in this your good to go sis , always dedicated, motivated and self disciplined

          1. The Sky is even your starting point. You have been proofing ur an industrious person long before now. Congratulations little Sister

    1. Sisco, I like your never give up spirit, no matter how insurmountable the challenges may seem, you keep pushing. May your undying passion for your craft takes you to the zenith. Keep doing what you know how to do best.

      1. Sisco beauty makeover to the world 🥰🥰
        You are the best and you will remain the best 😘😘

    1. Ur work is so unique🤍🤍🤍🤍I really love ur combination.. it matches with everything dr🥰 keep it dr… The sky is ur limit 🥰🥰🥰

      1. Sisco has been the best brand so far. Keep doing what you love.
        I can boldly say that you have magic in your hands. Keep it up

  1. Sisco for a reason. I am not a make up person naturally cos I can’t do it even if I try. I am dark skinned and I know how difficult it is to find a make up artist that can work with a dark skin, but when I met her I was left speechless. My face beat was 100/100 to top it up, she was price friendly, very humble and easy going. Thumps up to Sisco, baddest in the game❤️. Uyo has birth a great skilled woman

  2. I always admired your make-up even when I’m not that make-up lover.. I wish you great success on your future endeavors

      1. Nsisong you will go places and achieve much because of the PASSION you have for the business. I appreciate how you do it with a little or no capital. The seal that you have for your job is a source of motivation for you and others. Keep doing that.

    1. Sisco is one lady I know can never take NO for an answer. She’s determine, resilient, hardworking, focused and an ever ready to go person.
      Sisco Makeovers is a brand that has come to stay and in no time will be in the limelight because Sisco KEEPS YOU IN YOUR COLOR 😍😍

      She’s good ❤️❤️
      Keep the good work girl 🤭🤭

  3. The fact where you’re very careful about the makeup products you use for your work is a bonus! I’ve never had any after effect since you started this profession ❤️ You’re flawless and your brand is my favourite ever!

  4. “Sisco to the world!”, I’ll often say.
    I must confess, this lady has a magical hand when it comes to handling make-up.
    I am not a professional make-up artiste but I have passion for the art and naturally practice on my own. At a point, I decided to undergo a training and felt I was doing well, until a Dr. friend recommended Sisco. The first experience was out of this world. Everyone who viewed my picture couldn’t believe the magic. Since then, I’m not sure I can stand any other person touching my face. I’m still planning an upgrade with her.
    Siscobeauty is the real deal. I’ll root for her anytime!

  5. You are such an industrious lady i admire so much.Your creative mind is amazing. Keep succeeding Sisco.

  6. Sisco you’re meticulous and zealous in what you do and I believe you deserve this win. Sisco makeover to the world 🌎 💕

  7. Sisco is not only good at make up but has the best relationship with her clients. I love you so much ma. More grace and remain on top😍😘

  8. I know am a guy but I know beautiful things honestly..Not just to finish the work perfectly but how sisco do treat her clients too needs to be study..♥️

  9. Nsisong is a hard and smart worker, creative, passionate and lovable person. This trait spans through her business and even her personal life and an individual. Go for win ma!

  10. She has magical hands when it comes to makeup. She is unique and outstanding when it comes to her passion.

  11. Nsisong is a hard and smart worker, creative, passionate and lovable person. This trait spans through her business and even her personal life as an individual. Go for win ma!

  12. Sisco is wonderful she’s one of the few best makeup artist in Nigeria she’s outstanding… Always classy wearing her makeup

  13. Sisco is a well known Multi Talented Thespian… Excellence and Competence is her watch words. I can tell you she’s so good at what she does.

  14. My SiscoBeauty is selfless and very committed to doing what she knows how to do best. She deserves the best recommendations!

  15. I recommend this hard working lady and her brand 💯.. Her customer service is top notch.. She delivers neat jobs only.

  16. Sisco is an exceptional and intentional artist who derives joy in her work, and her customer service is outstanding…

  17. Amazing how your dream is now a reality. I admire your courage, hard work, persistence and strive towards perfecting your vision. You’re the best and you deserve the best. The beauty of the artist inside you lights up the beauty of every customer and client you touch. Well done Nsisong.

  18. Sisco beauty is a trust band. Her work is so perfect that every mortal admire. She give you a finished touch that can stand the test of time. Her work is so perfect that you can still wear the same makeup for 3day straight without fading off. Am a living proof.

  19. Sisco has been the best I know. So unique and versatile…… both straight and character makeup,she is number one anytime and any day 💯🔥☝️

  20. Sisco is a brand and a brand like this never fades. Her services are top notch, am proud to recommend her to anyone. More grace to you dear.
    Sisco to the world✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

  21. Dah! I told you SB will stand strong….. You are doing Awesome things my love, I am proud of the woman you have become.
    Shine On Babes….

      1. Nsisong, from the few pictures and the article I just read, you’ve done very well from a very humble beginning. Nothing gives more joy and a sense of fulfilment than birthing your dreams. Now let’s consider registering the Sisco Brand with the CAC so the entity can attract funds to itself as a registered business. Thank you for standing out in your own way. Congratulations dear

    1. Nsisong Akpan is a creative makeup artist that knows what she does, how she does it and it’ll come out perfect. I can proudly recommend her to anyone anytime anywhere. Keep going higher darling 😘 💓🥰

      1. Nsisiong Akpan is the best of her kind
        Her makeup is the best and she’s so creative when it’s come to make up
        She’s so good on this
        God bless your handwork

  22. Nsisong Akpan the CEO, of Sisco Beauty 💅 is a household name in the makeup industry. Very passionate and hard-working. Your makeup plugs any day anytime.

  23. She’s has been a nice make-up artist and her jobs has been topnotch..
    I always recommend her for jobs knowing too well of her delivery..

  24. Congratulations Sisco! The top is your destination. Super talented, very passionate and fair pricing! Go Girl💃💃💃

  25. Sisco is not just a brand name it’s known for excellent services. A great makeup artist and one that is good at her job, passionate and resilient keep up the good work.

  26. A motivated lady i know who always strive hard to make every of her work neat and perfect
    Her services is top notch 👌 👏
    God bless your handwork baby girl 💓🥰😍

  27. Sisco is not just a brand name, she’s known for wonderful services. They best makeup artist, am glad to do business with you. Bravo!!!

  28. Nsisong Akpan you are an amazing artist, your hands are gifted, you work so hard and you deserve this win.
    Sisco Today
    Sisco forever❣️

  29. Nsisong Akpan has always been a strong, vibrant and determine entrepreneur she deserves the best…. more wins baby girl.

      1. I’ve witnessed couple of her work, she’s good at what she does, her display of passion for beauty is next to none, her makeover brings out the beauty in her client.
        I recommend Sisco beauty anywhere.

  30. My best makeup pro, tested and trusted. You’ve got this dear, success all the way. Sisco all the way

  31. Sisco is the best makeup artist I know, she can come to any distance just to deliver, and she delivers perfectly.

  32. Av been seeing all ur work and d are beautiful keep it up 💕💕💕 more strength and more Grace 💪

  33. I like you for one thing; you’ve never set a goal without achieving it. Go girl! We right behind you.

  34. I first met you when I came visiting my friend, Ben Ukoh, in AKSU, and since then I’ve been following on your social media handles. You’re really good at what you do. I pray God continue to uplift you and take you places

  35. Nsisong Akpan. The beauty girl in make up, yes can have yanga but when it comes to work babe you got it.

    1. I can’t do yanga when it comes to business because that is what is putting food on my table🤣🤣🤣! Thanks so much Debby Abia. I appreciate.

  36. Wow, what a privilege to talk about this beautiful and amazing person.
    I love every bit of your makeup you always give your clients that spirit of come back again.
    You’re a trustworthy and always available to render your services
    Keep doing the good work

  37. Its a privilege to talk about this beautiful and amazing person #sisco#
    I love every bit of your makeup you always give your clients that spirit of coming back again…… keep up your good work 😘.

  38. Congratulations Sisco beauty. Your works are top notch, my number 1 make up artist, get ready for my wedding💃💃The world will hear your name.

    1. Sisco, you’re the best! Keep pushing and you will surely get there. God will see you through. I recommend you knowing that you will surely deliver a neat job. Kudos dear🙏

  39. Sisco, you’re the best! Keep pushing and you will surely get there. God will see you through. I recommend you knowing that you will surely deliver a neat job. Kudos dear🙏

  40. Nsisong is our product in Akwa Ibom state university and she has made us proud. Her make up stands out. Kudos to her

  41. Dear Nsisong keep soaring
    The work you do is amazing
    A perfect work of art for every face you touch.
    Keep going
    Eyes on the prizes

  42. Sisco beauty, the goddess of makeup, many have attested to the fact that you’re the best among your contemporaries, keep winning.

  43. I have known this brand to be an outstanding one with creativity and dexterity. Keep up the good work

  44. Bbygal ♥️ u r gud & i believe in any of my big day u will be my makeup artist 😁😁💃💃💃

  45. Sisco beauty is always good at what she does. She is always outstanding with the creativity she input in her job. Kudos to Sisco beauty, success all the way

  46. Sisco makeover has been the best brand ever.She is at what ever she does.When it comes to makeup she can deliver at anytime,any day.I stand for Sisco.

  47. When it comes to face beat, you’re in safe hands. Highly recommended, her hands works magic. You won’t regret it, I promise