utibeabasi effiom

My name is Utibeabasi Sunday Effiom from Ini LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I am a professional Music Producer and Sound Engineer; an extremely innovative and disciplined young entrepreneur and the CEO of Royal Groove Music Production Studio. I have the vision to make the Music/Audio Production Industry a more receptive ground for inspirations and budding musical talents to confidently grow at a suitable cost with standardized quality and output.

utibeabasi effiom

I grew up to the melodious singing voice of my beautiful mother every day and my love and zeal for music increased consistently. Growing up in a rural area, it was difficult for me and other people with similar passions to go to the city to pursue our dreams. So I came up with the idea of becoming a Professional Music Producer. I brazed myself up from the village, got the necessary training and I have been professionally producing music since January 2015

I have watched my passion consistently paying my bills and its own bills too. My team and I currently run Royal Groove Music Studio from a well-secured facility funded over the years by the business in addition to the stipends I give my workers and other technical expenditures. Although we are still growing, and from my experience over the years, one can comfortably make a fortune from Music/Audio Production.

I started with an amount equivalent to a hundred thousand Naira (N100,000) which I used to purchase a fairly used laptop, a fairly used soundcard, and a fairly used microphone.

The high points of my business are metamorphosing from producing in a shared single room with my siblings to a facility of our own with upgraded equipment; having production referrals and recommendations from outside Akwa Ibom, and training and grooming young people with a passion for music.

Our low point has been a lack of funds to get more sophisticated equipment as the business is still growing thus leading to the inability to do some kind of production. This has made the company lose many contracts.

The determination and zeal that fueled my reason for starting in the first place is one that has always fueled my hope for better days and times, so when challenges come, instead of thinking about giving up, my team doubles our efforts so we can do it better.

I am the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Producer at Royal Groove Music Studio located at No. 81 Itu Road, off Calabar Itu highway, Itu LGA, Akwa Ibom State. I have a producer, the company’s marketing/public relations officer, and an Account Manager. Also, we have recently adopted the HLM Business Model, where people get commissions for referring people to us.

Furthermore, our business registration process with the Corporate Affairs Commission is ongoing and will be completed soon.

Policymakers can assist me by reducing the amount of tax we are billed to pay; paying great attention to the state of our roads as navigation to our facility is not so easy for our clients due to the dilapidated state of the road, and improving the power sector to help us have a steady power supply at affordable tariff rates.

So far we have been able to build a commendable client base online and offline. Investors can assist us with funds to enable us to purchase more sophisticated equipment (hardware and software), and also invest in the company’s publicity and marketing, we are sure of a good return on investment at a stipulated period of time.

Royal Groove Music Studio CEO and team are extremely grateful for this opportunity and it means so much to us, our business, passion, and every other musically talented person out there. We will be grateful if we are chosen for this great business boost not just through the money but the mentorship and publicity. Moreover, whatever the outcome, we commend greatly the effort of the organizers and sponsors of this great program.

Contact: +2347061649319, effiom0812425@gmail.com

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  1. Your productions are amazing. Do not stop until you get the highest recommendable place in the industry.

    See you at the top.

  2. I’ve seen a few of your records, and they are wonderful.
    Keep doing your thing. I know you’re going higher.

        1. It’s amazing where you are sir, inspite of the very humble beginning you still didn’t give up. I have listened to your sound you are incredible. Keep up✌️✌️. I celebrate you

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