In Essien Udim Local Government Area resides a determined and enterprising 19-year-old girl with a vision. She is driven not only by her desire for financial independence but also by a passion to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. This aspiring businesswoman dreams of nurturing her skills and making a mark in the world of crafts, particularly bag making.

Meet Mmekomabasi Bernard, a budding entrepreneur.

Her journey began out of sheer love for crafts, a journey that took shape when she was in Bayelsa in 2019. However, she faced challenges, feeling disheartened due to a lack of comprehensive knowledge in the field. Undeterred, she recognizes the economic potential her business holds. She firmly believes that bag making can translate into substantial earnings. The demand for bags, especially among women, is insatiable.

Despite starting with modest resources, her passion kept her going. She didn’t succumb to challenges, steadfast in her commitment to pursue what she loves. Her entrepreneurial spirit is unwavering, reminding us all that determination and passion can be powerful allies.

In her business structure, she is a one-woman show, crafting each bag herself. Her business is not yet registered with CAC.

Her mentors are her mom and her boss, guiding her with their experience and wisdom.

To policy makers and investors, she extends an open invitation for support. Funding and materials could make a world of difference, allowing her to take her business to greater heights.

To fellow entrepreneurs and those considering entering her field, she imparts valuable advice: Choose a business you’re passionate about to prevent giving up when challenges arise.

Phone: 09022319742; Email:

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