sarah oluwaseun

Meet Aremu Sarah Oluwaseun, an entrepreneur who sells, installs, and repairs car audio gadgets in cars. She is the founder of Sarah’s Car Electronics and Repairs.

According to Sarah, she started working with her father, and realizing her passion for the business and having gained an extensive knowledge of the business decided to venture fully into the business.

Aremu Oluwaseun

She says that the business is lucrative and one can make money from it by selling car audio gadgets.

Talking about her startup capital, Sarah states, “I didn’t have a startup capital because everything was solely my dad’s. I only make money when I install or make repairs for customers.”

The high points of the business are the growth the business has experienced over the years and her ability to gain visibility online, and the low point of the business is being underrated by men because of her gender and the nature of the work.

Sarah agrees that she has thought about giving up in the face of challenges before.

Sarah works alone and her business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Policymakers and investors can assist her with funds to expand her business and become a dealer in the business.

Sarah sincerely wants to be considered by the organizers of this program so she can start building her brand before she graduates from school.

Contact: 09128249929,

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  1. Am so happy dear God we take you higher in Jesus name. Amen I love your work God is taking you thier

  2. I’ve seen you strive to change trends and work hard to become a better person and am sure you will rule your world……keep soaring.

  3. You are indeed a hardworking lady, more grace and strength to keep working hard. All the best dearest twinny

  4. Wow!! Glad to see this..
    Keep pushing high Baby Girl.. The sky is your starting point.. More success in all your endeavours.. Ahead ahead Darling..

  5. It’s so WOW to see you here…
    You’re a hardworking and trustworthy lady with integrity.
    This is just a stepping stone Dear.

  6. Sarah Aremu can give you the best. I have contacted her for work and see her do great things in Automobile Soundsystem 💯 She the best

  7. Go girl! Its so awesome and amazing to see a woman doing so well in a man’s world. You shall be celebrated world wide.

  8. Jerzy gat you for life, Your life style is a message to the African women that believe in values & culture go get it serah

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