Meet Emma Charles Akpan, the creative director of Idymillinery and More. Idymillinery and More is a headwear brand that makes various types of headwear for classy women to give them a unique and queenly look. The company produces various types of headpieces such as hats, fascinator, turbans, headbands, autogele, etc.; sells millinery accessories and quality crepe, vintage, and dutches fabrics, and offer training too.

Emma ventured into her line of business in 2017. She avers that her business is lucrative and one can make money from it. According to her, headwear is an essential accessory for every woman irrespective of age or class. Just like wearing a very beautiful dress, headwear complements a woman’s attire.

idymillinery idy millinery

She started her business with a startup capital of ten thousand naira (N10,000) back in 2016 and the money was the training fee. The high point of the business is her ability to get a bigger space to accommodate more trainees while the low point of the business is the inability to get business materials in Uyo where she lives. She complains that she sources materials in Lagos which is very far from Uyo to meet customers’ needs.

Emma has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges, she is always hopeful and consistent in her business. She does not work alone, she has people working with her, and her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist Emma with funds to expand her business and purchase materials in bulk at a cheaper rate.

She appreciates the organizers of this program for the opportunity to share her business story.

Contact: 08036911708,

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      1. Congratulations Dear. Daring to start a business is not an easy one. U dared and have succeeded already. You’re surely going places. More wins Dear.

    1. Am thrilled and undoubtedly inspired at the success story of Idymillinery and more.
      Emma has been a friend i have known over the years way back in lagos in our banking days, I remember how difficult a decision it was for her back then to relocate to Uyo but today she stands tall as a brand in the fashion industry particularly in head gear and fashion accessories. Focused and ever driving herself to attain more heights. Am proud of you and I want you to know you are on global strides. Congratulations

  1. So, here’s a story that inspires young and forward-thinking people not to give up, but can be the best in whatever skill they find their hands to do.

    More grace, ma’am

      1. My head wears are all. Idy millinery. Wonderful crafts, new and amazing designs day in day out.

        Please patronise, a trial will convince you.

  2. Aptly captured. Emma is very creative and keeps churning out different beauties consistently. Keep going Emma. You’re the real deal…the original headgear plug!!!

  3. I am a great fan of Emma. She has made some lovely headpieces for me. I like staying with her, listening to her and watching her work. Kudos to you, my dear.

  4. Have only got to know her not quite long, and everytime I get to see her, I can see the hunger for success in her, committed and dedicated to her business. Which I believe with such attitude toward her business, sky is just a starting point for her. Keep the energy.

  5. Superb…idymillinery make you stand out amongst others. Idymillinery is devoted to making the best headwear possible and guarantee, with service efficiency and customers reliability.

  6. You are an inspiration to so many. I have sat under your free training and the level of passion you exude for this craft is beyond words. Your desire to empower others through your craft, even when they can’t literally reward you,shows that you have such a large heart and you are no ordinary entrepreneur.
    May IDYMILLINERY craft imprint your name in the sand of time and take you to heights you didn’t even envisage.
    Keep soaring Ma’am. God’s got your back.

  7. She’s a very industrious woman and a goal getter,makes beautiful facinators,turbans and alot more.For the short time I’ve known her She’s a wonderful woman.More grease to your elbow ma.

  8. Lovely and creative works. I always look forward to checking my status fpr more designs. Weldone sis. The sky is the beginning. Upward and forward, keep soaring. Wish you more successes.

  9. This is a very inspiring report. I’ve know Emma right from when we were youths. I admire her drive and commitment to things. How I wish that people would invest in her company so that she can get those materials that can’t be sourced in Uyo and she can add a shop that sells those materials to other hats and head gears makers. It’s a lucrative industry because ladies, girls and women will always wear something good on their heads.

  10. I admire her work with every sense of admiration!

    Be more, with Idymillinery!

    Keep soaring, dear Emma Charles.

  11. You’ve always been the resilient one. You are indeed an inspiration and my the Almighty God keep lifting and showcasing you for His glory.

    Greater heights, greater glory and greater success

  12. You’ve always been the resilient one. You are indeed an inspiration and may the Almighty God keep lifting and showcasing you for His glory. Greater heights, greater glory and greater success

  13. Wow….this is motivating i love your spirit and the drive i bliv many ladys and youth are motivated and inspired. The world awaits more of you, keep being a tool of inspiration to many JUST KNOW YOU ARE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVOURED

  14. Your dedication to your craft is highly commendable. You put in your best into each one of your craft. I pray for you that God will uplift you more and more in Jesus Name Amen

  15. Emma has been my milliner for about five years now. Her headpieces are beautiful and timeless. I admire her drive and passion.
    Idymillinery to the world!

  16. Though never been a fan for head-wears, Emma brings out the girlie girl/feminine part of me.
    Inspiring story too, makes me appreciate you more.
    Keep up the good work. You know you got a customer and fan in me.

  17. Consistency, hardworking, the secret of a successful business,
    My Boss Lady you are the best.
    Congratulations 🥰👍🥰🙏💛❤️

  18. Emma Elegance look made me to inquired what she was into because she really stood out of the crowd the day i met her after a very long time.. i love quality and you just nailed it!!!!!

  19. I trust your capacity when it comes to creative designs of head wears. I have quite a number of those beautiful designs.
    I wish you have funding to expand the business.

  20. Emma’s brand is a brand that stands tall among contemporaries. She’s a force to reckon with in the industry any day any time.

    Many thanks to your tenacity and duggedness in the face of adverse economic situation. These have become a great inspiration to many.

  21. This is lovely,You will surely get there sis ..kip being you.i will always recommend you any day ,any time

  22. From Dr mrs Patience Udo:
    Great display👍Ema you are a beautiful handwork of God to start with. No wonder He empowers you to create beauty in women. Let’s remember to give the glory to God. Let’s also carry along inner beauty, spiritual beauty, Genuine repentance and salvation in Christ, Bible studies etc working towards that beautiful city of heaven as our final destination. God bless you and raise you to unimaginable heights in Jesus name.

  23. Great documentary Emma. Congratulations. Of course you yourself are a beautiful hand work of God. No wonder He empowered you to create beauty in women. Let’s remember to give the glory to God and let’s also advertise to women inner beauty, spiritual beauty, genuine repentance and salvation in Christ, Bible studies etc working towards our final destination in the beautiful city of heaven. May God raise you to unimaginable heights in Jesus name.

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