Idiongho Emem Udo is a 30-year-old cosmetologist from Afaha Obong in Abak LGA of Akwa Ibom State. She holds a Bachelor of Education in Social Studies Education, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Idiongho is not only a cosmetologist, but she also trains people on how to produce, sell domestic and chemical items.

Upon finishing her education, she resolved not to rely on anyone or society. She had harboured a business idea since her school days and deemed it prudent to bring it to fruition. Consequently, two years ago, she took the leap and started her own business.

Idiongho Udo


Idiongho affirms that one can make money from her business, however, making money from the business greatly depends on how committed and consistent a person is and how much capital is invested in the business. Idiongho started her business with a startup capital of twenty-eight thousand naira (N28,000).

She has experienced many successes in her business. She has had the opportunity to train a good number of students in different areas, train corps members, and guided a few to start a business of their own while still in school. Idiongho confirms that her failures occur as a result of balancing the responsibilities of caring for a child and growing a business.

Idiongho affirms that she had thought about giving up in the face of challenges, especially when she newly launched her business, but not anymore as she is now conversant with how her business works. She does not work alone; she has people working with her voluntarily since the business is still growing. Moreover, her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Idiongho Udo Idiongho Udo

Idiongho, knowing the importance of business mentors to the growth of businesses introduces Mr. Shalomite Okon, Mrs. Meflyn Anwana, and Mrs. Nsikan Netima as her business mentors. Policymakers and investors can assist Idiongho by keeping her business in check and also with finances to help grow her business.

Contact: 07066211047

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  1. The story is splendid , using your product over time ,your timly delivery and polite customers service , I can boldly say that you are truly an amazing Busines person …

          1. Your story is inspiring and i hope many will learn from your strong resilient character.

    1. I’ve worked with her before and it’s her diligence that stands out for me….top tier products as well

    2. His teaches very well to understand
      His product are nice and amazing
      I can recommend you all for his products, has nice fragrance,
      His very good at what he does

    3. This is the type of skills Nigerians needed at.this present time, empowering our youths for a better future, kudos

  2. She’s business herself,I learnt this same business from her company
    I love everything she has made me realize from this business
    Thank you boss

  3. She’s really an amazing trainer,I’m one of her trainee and I have never had any regrets since I started learning from her
    I also use some of the products and resell some and it’s really good

    1. She always give good quality and good service. her products always put smile on my face even when i recommend it to my friends she is good for the business 100%

    2. Wonderful personality ,am one of her trainee .She moulded me into what I am today…Kudos Boss lady 🥰

  4. Aside being a friend, Idiongo passionate about developing the society through her wonder skills. I strongly recommend her and her business to the best quarters concerned.

    1. I thank God for you my sister,your struggles will surely pay. Am inspired and motivated .Ride on👏👏👏

  5. I can testify that she is a gogetter, she was my course mate and assistant course representative, she is hardworking and good in business, I know she is getting there, weldone Idiongo, the sky is your limit💪

  6. Keep climbing girl
    You are one hardworking lady I know and the way you push the brand is great..
    Go on girl.

  7. I get inspired when ever I see you. Your zeal, your courage and your business ideas are so spectacular. I
    had used most of your products and they were so wonderful. More Grace for exploit.

  8. You are a role model and a footsteps that everyone can follow
    Hardworking and courageous

  9. Idiongo indeed is a good cosmetologist, I’ve used her product since when I was her course mate till date that we’ve since graduated. I’m finding it difficult to test other brands as I’m yet to find own who satisfy my cosmetic bud

  10. I’m a fan of Idiongo hard work and dedication in her business. She always gives her very best in what she produces because her products are always amazing and she shares her knowledge by training others too. Keep it up dear, the sky is your limit..

    1. I was there when she started from the scratch , I most say She is a woman of substance her consistency and perseverance in the business is what I admire most…more wins my dear

  11. I can’t fathom the Joy I have learning this skills from you, she’s just an industrious lady full of entrepreneurship skills. Keep it up ma.

  12. It is captivating, interesting and profitable being in line of cosmetology,I personally has felt the impact for being a cosmetologist, I am a lawyer in active practice,but have identified with shalom okon,I was trained by him on how to produce several cosmetics and domestic chemicals.God bless shalomite for making out time to teach us,it is good to have the knowledge and practice same

  13. I don’t really know where to start,she is a great lady with so much passion for this,I started using her product & I have not regretted my decision.

  14. Awesome her skills is one of it kind,and her product first time using it was great,keep it up mama

    1. I can testify that her products are good, tested and trusted. She’s She’s force to reckon with. Keep it up Idiongo

  15. I’ve known her for a short while and what stands out for me is her consistency and excellent customer service. Good job💯

  16. I learnt from her too and I’ve been successful so far. Nice work ma’am, keep up the good work.

  17. Idiongo is a cosmetologist to the core. Her products is second to none.
    She’s good as well as her products and above all her readiness to impart the knowledge to others. I strongly recommend her and her products.

  18. This is one person I was opportune to learn from and it was simply amazing
    God bless you and take your business higher.

  19. I learnt from this company,and my experiences there and exposures to divers means of been financially stable through skills were just awesome

  20. I have used this product before and if i must commend is a nice and wonderful product. Keep on been you ma’am …. praying for a greater hight

    1. I learnt from this company at the NYSC orientation camp of Akwa-Ibom state. It was an amazing and smooth experience.

  21. U are a cosmetologist to the core. Ur products is the best that I have ever seen. She is good to impart the knowledge to others. I strongly recommend her and her products.

  22. Coming in contact with you guys helped me a lot both in my ENT studies. I must say Ur products are nice. Kudos!

  23. Idiongho Emem Udo is a role model, a deligent and talented young business woman, she is smart and has passion for what she does, she has trainned many in this business, I have used her products severally, one thing about her products is that the more you use them, the more you waAthonnt to use them them, so I have no doubt that she will build a fantastic business empire. Keep the good work girl. God bless your handwork

  24. I have used Idiongho’s product and can attest to it that they are of good quality.
    Not just that, I have been a beneficiary of her training program and must confess she has a heart of gold, she is one person who wants to see others rise with her.

    Kudos to you Idiongho’s
    More business opportunities
    More sales, more expansion

  25. Mrs. Idiongho is a really hardworking person and very calm as well
    I am her customer and I have no regrets.

  26. She’s really an amazing trainer
    I’m one of her trainee and I have never had any regrets since I started learning from her

  27. Her captivating scents are truly a work of art. Each fragrance tells its own unique story, offering a delightful and enchanting experience to anyone who wears it. I have no doubt that her talent and dedication will propel her to great success . she’s the best in the industry!”

  28. I admire you and your strength
    Very skillful in what she does and always putting alk to give the best.
    I have no regrets patronizing you.
    Keep up the good and hardwork!

  29. I admire you and your strength
    Very skillful in what she does and always putting all to give the best.
    I have no regrets patronizing you.
    Keep up the good and hardwork!

  30. I admire her relentless effort in coaching other young entrepreneurs in the field of cosmetology and industrial productions and the delivery of quality household products as a beneficiary of her entrepreneurial training over time. The Sky 🌈 remains your starting point ma, you are the best!

  31. I’m sure she was well groomed and will bring out the best cosmetics, knowing her tutor I can confidently trust her work. Girl keep it up and I wish you all the best👍

  32. Using your products for a long time, as well as your prompt shipping and courteous customer service, I can confidently state that you are a truly a Brand to recommend.

  33. You’re one Brand I’ll recommend, your products are top notch and your teachings are detailed,… It’s always a pleasure doing business with you.

  34. The products are wonderful. Delivery is top notch. Customer service is generally superb. I love buying from the seller over and over again

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