Meet Zainab Oyiza Muhammed, a twenty-year-old entrepreneur. She is a skincare enthusiast and she makes hair ribbons and sells them in school and also sells Adire fabric. She is planning to start a fashion business.

zainab muhammed

She says that she is passionate about fashion and plans to own a popular unique fashion brand where she would use African Fabrics like Adire (tie and dye) to create a luxurious Abaya. Her passion to create beautiful masterpieces and incorporate African cultural heritage into the world of fashion makes her plan to venture into the fashion business.

She asserts that the economic potential of this business is huge, and someone can make money from it because everyone wants to appear beautiful and unique and her luxurious Abaya will give them all that.

She wants policymakers and investors to assist her with $1000 to start her fashion business.

Contact:, 08103383260

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    1. Congratulation baby, wish you all the best in life, may Allah Rahama be upon you in all your way.
      Go ahead an make us proud

  1. Go girl! You have been so diligent and focused, and I truly believe in you.
    I pray God opens doors of favour for you. See you at the top!!!

  2. I’m amazed and i really look forward to see you bring the creative innovation you plan on making.keep up the great work!

  3. Passionate people like this young lady deserve to be empowered, it will do a lot of good to the community. All the best dear

  4. This is a really great innovation. We need more people like u in africa in oder to promote our cultural heritage. May God bless ur struggle.

  5. Wow Interesting…

    U r making us proud

    U will indeed be a role model to d northern ladies whom I tink r below their bars

    Good luck

    May Allah s.w.a grant us our heart desires… ameen

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