Precious Simon Akpan is a young and innovative engineer from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He possesses a strong work ethic, is committed to learning, and is dedicated to contributing positively to every task he undertakes. Precious ventured into his line of business approximately 5 years ago, focusing on internet services and document editing.

He acknowledges the economic potential of his business and affirms that it can be a source of income. He started with an initial capital of approximately N100,000 or more. Precious has experienced numerous successes in his business but mentions that he has not encountered significant low points or challenges that would make him consider giving up.

In terms of the structure of his business, Precious specializes in internet services and document editing, and he collaborates with others as well. Dangote serves as one of Precious’ role model.

He believes that policymakers and investors can assist him by providing financial support and mentorship.

Precious’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in his line of business is to never give up and to remain dedicated to their work. Entrepreneurs can have a significant impact on the economy of their state by educating the masses and facilitating everyday tasks.

Contact: 08161535728;

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