david ekanem

David Ekanem is an indigene of Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He is a 400L student of Computer Engineering, University of Uyo and the founder of NUPRO Farms. NUPRO farms focus on the cultivation of high-quality crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, maize and okra.

david ekanem

The business’s primary goal is to provide customers with fresh, healthy, and sustainable produce while maintaining community-friendly farming practices. David claims that he is an optimist and always seeks the best alternative to solving problems.

David had a strong passion for Agriculture and entrepreneurship and that made him venture into his line of business in 2020. Coming from a family where everyone engages in some sort of agricultural practices, it wasn’t tasking navigating his way around the business. He started with just cucumbers in 2020 in a land size that was barely up to a plot of land, and since then, it’s been amazing.

David affirms that his business is very profitable, and with the right policies, and farming ethics, in 5 years of doing the business, an entrepreneur can be well-known and successful. He started his business with a startup capital of fifty thousand naira (N50,000).

The high point recorded in the business is the increase recorded so far. He started in 2020 with just cucumbers in a land barely up to a plot. However, NUPRO farms have expanded to over 3 farm sites, where he cultivates tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, maize and okra.

The low point of the business is losing a complete farm site to theft and animals.

Talking about giving up in the face of challenges, he says, “Initially, when I started farming for the first year, I actually gave up several times, but that’s just it and I have come to understand and accept that in business, some unplanned and unexpected challenges may arise but we could always go pass them”.

david ekanem david ekanem

David does not work alone, he has a farm manager who oversees the operations on two of the farm sites, and another who fully handles the largest farmland. He has part-time workers whose duties are just to weed the farm because of how skilled they are and full-time employees who live very close to the farm sites. His business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and SMEDAN. He has also verified his business on Google with the business social media pages are very active and he is currently building a website for the business.

David proposes that policymakers and investors should look at making environmental-friendly and conducive policies to help farmers. They can assist farmers by taking action against factors that trigger the increase in prices of transportation, farm chemicals and fertilizers.

Contact: nuprofarmsafrica@gmail.com, 08163283237

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  1. Farming has never been made more beautiful and interesting like as I have read from David.

    Amazing feat here 👌

  2. Nupro farm is a brand that I really admire, the customer service and the product from the farm is topnotch, I very big shout out to the management of nupro farm

  3. A Job well done David Ekanem and best wishes as you continue to propel your vision to provide health farm produce.

  4. This is highly remarkable, especially coming from the younger generation, already providing employment opportunities and taking us back to our roots in term of agric (unlike young men of our time who will solely think of crude oil and the likes)..

    I pray and hope he expands widely in Nigeria and Africa as a whole and be amongst the leading Farms where countries get their produce from.

  5. I would testify that NUPRO FARMS is one of the best in terms of farm products here in Akwa ibom and beyond.
    In the likes of tomatoes,cucumber and lots more.
    The brand is tested and trusted.
    David Ekanem is the real MVP ❤️❤️
    He is hardworking.
    And trust me
    You won’t regret his works ❤️❤️
    Keep up the good works my boss.

  6. This is Great. I’ve known David to be industrious and I am not surprised that he is doing exploits in the farming sector.

  7. This is amazing, keep up the good work. I love the branding I’ve seen so far, with time you can work on widening your reach to a larger audience.

  8. Nupro Farms, definitely one of the best brands I have worked with.
    Delivers the best products at the best prices.
    Definitely a big brand.

  9. I have know David to be a very hard working person.Even in the hardest situation to give up he still stay strong….Being a farm in Akwa Ibom state isn’t easy,couple with the high cost living in a small state.I pray he get all the Recognitions.recommendations and from the government.

  10. NUPRO-FARMS Produces are healthy and nourishing.
    NUPRO-FARMS will give you a run and Taste of your money.

    1. Nupro farms provides not just the best but also the freshest of farm produce.
      I recommend nupro farm for the best healthy and nourishing farm produce ❤️

  11. Nupro farms produces very fresh and well cultivated crops and if anyone is looking to purchase the crops mentioned above,nupro farms can cater for your needs!

  12. Nupro Farms specializes in cultivating exceptionally fresh crops. If you’re in the market for these specific crops, Nupro Farms can fulfill your requirements with their high-quality produce.

    1. NUPRO farms has gone a long way in the production of quality, healthy and fresh farm products. Keep the good work going.

  13. When it comes to Nupro Farms,it’s the best farm yard I can always rely and recommend any investor to partner with, anytime any day because he has the zeal and resselience to soar higher

  14. Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to the society at large. When choosing Agribusiness choose Nupro Farms the future of Food and Agriculture.

  15. With consistency and commitment to standard, NUPRO Farms will stand the test of time. We already see it happening.

  16. Farming made easy
    Nupro Farms got you covered when it comes to healthy and fresh farm produce.
    Nupro farms I would say, is always a sure plug ✌️

  17. David, your commitment to sustainable farming practices and your dedication to building a thriving agricultural business is truly inspiring! 👨‍🌾🌱 Your emphasis on environmental-friendly policies is not only beneficial for the planet but also for the future of agriculture. 💚🚜 It’s heartening to see you taking steps like business registration, a strong online presence, and community involvement. Keep up the fantastic work, and here’s to a greener, more prosperous farming future! 🌍💪

  18. Nice one David, pray God gives you the resources, insight and strength to keep going. Farming isn’t easy as they have so many obstacles but you’ve been able to hold firm! Keep going brother!

  19. I’ve known David for quite a year and I would say anything he does is spectacular. So believe me NUPRO FARMS is the best if you need healthy farm products.

  20. Agricultural has always been the top need of men.
    You steeping in the solve the problem of food is a big up 👏👏🖤

  21. NUPRO FARMS is really setting the gold standard for fresh, healthy, and sustainable farm produce with a commitment to quality which is evident in every bite. Big Ups Chief @David Ekanem

      1. I have seen David push this idea from the start till now, the consistency and the ability to move past an error.

        I asked that investors come in to widen this idea of yours as it will help the Southerners to easily buy these produce from Akwa Ibom state.

  22. I met David during our MEGP training and he is committed to his work.
    Food is a necessity to man and man can’t do without it,so NUPRO FARMS is providing the needs of man through modern agriculture, healthy farm products.👏💚
    I am happy for you David and your brand is growing, despite the challenges.
    Cheers to great opportunities and growth.

  23. Nice story David! I believe if you can achieve this then you can achieve more….. This is just a starting point, Cheers to more achievements 🥂

  24. I am really inspired by your success story
    I have patronised NUPRO farms and I can affirm the healthiness and freshness of their ptoduce
    NUPRO FARMS will be a worldwide brand
    Watch out!!!!

  25. What you’ve done so far is Amazing 👍👍
    More strength and Grace to keep up 🙏
    More investment in all levels

  26. David is an ambitious and unstoppable guy who is consistent in whatever he places his heart on. NUPRO FARM is one of his outstanding engagement and I y’all can count on him.
    I’m super proud of you Dave🥰

  27. Watching you grow your agriculture business from scratch has in many ways convinced me that all goals are attainable once the desire is solid.

    I’m really proud of you for coming this far and I pray you achieve everything you set out to for.

  28. NUPRO Farms is taking over the agricultural sector, not just in Nigeria. With it’s amazing team members and their excellent customer service, its prospective dominance cannot be disputed.

  29. NUPRO Farms has come to Stay! A Brand that offers the Best of Hospitality and Glamour. Keep soaring David, and may your services expand Farther across the Globe.🔥✅

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