About Us

A Platform for Policy Dialogue on Good Governance, Leadership and Social Impact Engineering, promoting Entrepreneurship and Marketing Innovation.


Practical. hands-on sessions led by experienced business leaders.


Prize money to assist successful businesses with funding requirements.


Why “now”?

New businesses are rapidly springing up daily, but need to get the right framing for their context.


The increasing power of social impact merging with media platform visibility means we can scale very quickly.


With more individuals taking the path of business, the opportunities to be a positive force for indigenous entrepreneurs have tripled.

Our Value Add

Leverage the unique value inherent in Thought Leadership through reframing mindsets.
Provide opportunities for funding/capital raise and business linkages for Entrepreneurs.
Facilitate robust engagement with key stakeholders in the Private and Public sectors.

Storytelling Services

Professional storytelling services that include research, writing, and video production. Our team of skilled storytellers has years of experience in the non-profit sector and knows how to capture the heart of each story

Content Distribution

Through various channels, including our website, social media platforms, and partnerships with media outlets. We also offer content distribution services to our clients to ensure that their stories reach a wider audience.

Consulting Services

To help nonprofit and social mission organizations develop their storytelling strategies. We work with our clients to identify their target audience, create a storytelling plan, and measure the impact of their stories.