Deborah Bassey Enekuno is a 20-year-old, 300-level Human Anatomy student from Urueoffong Oruko. She is a Christian and has been running a baking and catering business since May 2019. Her decision to venture into this business was driven by her passion for it and the need to generate income.

Deborah acknowledges that her business has significant economic potential and can be profitable. She started with a capital of N50,000 and has experienced successes, such as securing a contract to supply pastries for a government function. However, she has also faced challenges, including lack of sales.

Despite the challenges, Deborah hasn’t given up on her business. She operates as a sole proprietor but sometimes engages friends to help with the workload. Her business is not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Her mentors in the business are her parents and the person who trained her in baking and catering.

Cakes of various sizes and flavours ready for delivery

Deborah believes that policymakers and investors can assist her by providing financial support to prevent her business from collapsing. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in her line of business is to have patience, understanding, and a passion for running their affairs.

Entrepreneurs like Deborah can contribute to the economy of their state by creating jobs and offering products and services that benefit the community.

Contact information: 09065570701;

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