Francis Asukwo Edet

Meet Francis Asukwo Edet, a successful entrepreneur with big dreams of owning a world-renowned event, media, and beauty brand. With a background in broadcasting, he currently works at TAF Media Group, a prominent media company in the Akwa Cross Region. TAF Media Group operates several well-known brands, including Planet 101.1fm, Spectrum Television and Tang Sio102.7 FM.

Francis is also a one-time reality TV star; he came second runner-up at the 2020 Young CEO TV reality show hosted in Lagos. He is humble, simple, charismatic, intelligent, calm, brave, and daring with a passion for risk-taking. He is also a relationship builder.

He comes from a business background and had run three businesses. Between 2010 and 2013, he ran a photography and videography business before leaving for college. After training in baking and pastries, he started his own cake and pastry business in 2018. In 2019, he expanded his services to include event management, which involved decoration, content creation, and event planning. Unfortunately, his first business was shut down due to school, while the second and third businesses ended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is persistent and currently regrouping for a comeback. His drive to provide excellent service and create lasting memories is an obsession. He aims to leave a legacy of a successful business story that will be traced to Akwa Ibom State.

Francis’s passion to serve and give value to clients through excellent but affordable services prompted him to start his first and second businesses which crumbled due to unforeseen circumstances. Francis asserts that one can make money from his business, in his words “As a trained broadcast journalist, there are a lot of ways to make money from the field. The sector is literally filled with opportunities, with the right funding, the RIO is guaranteed”.

Francis launched his initial venture with an initial investment of 55,000 naira. He subsequently started two more businesses with a capital of 650,000 naira. His noteworthy accomplishments include organizing and overseeing the Miss Style Nigeria Beauty Pageant, establishing and managing Sickle Cell Nigeria for the Sickle Cell Warrior’s Care and Healthy Living Foundation, successfully organising the 18th birthday celebration of Moses Armstrong’s daughter, Princess, and contributing to the planning of the funeral of Chief Mrs. Janet Amba’s grandmother.

Francis experienced a setback in his business after being defrauded upon his return from a reality show in Lagos. Despite facing challenges, he remains determined and refuses to give up. He believes that a lack of funds can only hold him back temporarily, and he is working towards making a comeback.

When Francis was running his business, he had contract staff who helped in the area of decorations, ushering, and any other duty available. In addition, his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. According to him, his business is structured to function independently with the help of managers and field supervisors. He envisages the team to consist of various skilled individuals who will work together and separately to provide timely and exceptional services.

Knowing the impact business mentors can have on the growth of a business, Francis introduces the Late Ubong Kings and Aliko Dangote as his business mentors.

Policymakers and investors can assist Francis by taking away multiple taxes and providing stable public power besides other basic infrastructures like roads etc. and also making it easy for MSMEs from the state to get deserving interest-free business loans and grants.

Finally, Francis thank the organizers of this program for giving him the opportunity to share his entrepreneurial story.

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