Mr. Ndifreke Robert Udom is the president of Dreams Alive Educational Foundation; a corporate body licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to promoting Total and Qualitative Education for the Nigerian child as key to self-discovery for relevance and active participation in state and nation-building.

He remains inspired by his quote, “The mind of a child is a generational bank that will someday give back to the society, value for today’s investments. Thus, if you’ve ever met a life of low self-esteem, failures, regrets, etc., you’ll then be concerned, how poor yesterday’s investments were”

The template of the service delivery of his organization is designed thus to securing a greater future for us all; “Investing in the Education of the Akwa Ibom/Nigerian child is a sound economic decision and one of the surest ways for a nation to secure her future of dreams”

With this, he perfectly captures the fact that no nation attains greatness on irreversible heights without the supporting shoulders of the citizens through their efforts, ideas, contributions and roles to the making of a greater and more successful nation.

This therefore highlights one of the greatest needs of every aspiring nation for greatness with the questions;

How ready and prepared are your citizens for the future to help drive the nation to a glorious height?

On this note, Mr Ndifreke Robert Udom, established an educational organization that administers Total Education (a special kind of Education) for the Akwa Ibom/Nigerian child, taking into consideration the mental hangers students come to school with, such as; challenges of broken homes, child abuse, rejection, scars of the past, haunting guilt from mistakes, low self-esteem, heart breaks from the death of a loved one, etc which daily kills the force of excitement and energies to living dreams in life. This mission is driven by the bond that, “Education is child centred, therefore calls for child partnership if its goals must be achieved by the child, a people, Government, society at large”

His Educational organization offers counselling, guidance, and mentorship services, to effectively process the person of the child, heal their punctured minds and prepare them to influence the outcome of our future through relevance and contributions to state/nation building.

He’s made a mark across different educational front lines with proof after sessions with low-performing students, that most of the time the scorecards of the child in schools is not always a perfect definition of the child, thus the need for this special kind of Education (Total Education).

He has encountered challenges but has stayed firmly on track with his organization’s activities through hard work, resilience and belief that challenges inspire breakthroughs.

Having started this organization in 2013 with huge investments of over 1 million naira, he is seeking synergy with partners, who can come in to partner with his organization to reach the unreach.

Contact: 07035342359, robertdreams59@gmail

Ndifreke udom

ndifreke udom


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