Saviour Ekanem

Saviour Ekanem is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about taking risks in achieving positive goals and making a change in the entrepreneurial world. His quest to make people derive satisfaction and pleasure in consuming healthy foods made him venture into the food business in 2016.

Food business is one of the lucrative businesses because everybody eats food and cannot survive without it. In this age, many people do not cook in their homes, they order food from food vendors. However, before you venture into this business, you must know how to cook if you want to remain in business because even clients who do not cook can recognise good food.  According to him, food business is profitable when you know your target audience.

To be successful in the food business, you must dedicate your finance, energy, time and resources. Knowing this, he started his business with a startup capital of one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000).

The high point in the business is his ability to purchase some of his business equipment, and the low point in the business was when he incurred some losses due to the high rate of goods in the market. Saviour has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges. He is passionate about business and always derives means to defeat challenges and forge ahead.

saviour ekanem saviour ekanem

He does not work alone but assigns different tasks to different people to fasten productivity and his business is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

knowing the importance of business mentors to entrepreneurs, Saviour introduces Mrs Magdalene Peters, Miss Anny Fidelis, and Mr. Peter Udom as his business mentors.

Policymakers and investors can assist Saviour by implementing policies that will favour entrepreneurs such as low tax returns.

Contact: +2349032476537,

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