solomon essien

Solomon Effiong Essien is an experienced entrepreneur who specializes in bird rearing, particularly in the poultry industry. He has been involved in this field for over 14 years.

He was motivated by his passion and love for animal rearing to start the poultry business. This business has the potential to contribute to the economy of the state through its value chain, employment opportunities, and overall economic impact.

Solomon began his poultry business with a startup capital of two hundred thousand naira (N200,000). Since then, he has successfully expanded his business from two breeding rooms to a much larger operation, which is his greatest achievement.

In addition, the biggest challenge facing his business is the lack of buyers, the high costs of poultry feed, the absence of boreholes and lighting, and most importantly, the absence of government aid.

Although Solomon has thought about giving up in the face of challenges, he has not allowed them to overwhelm him, he forges ahead while looking for ways to overcome his challenges.   Solomon does not work alone; he engages other people to work for him. His business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Solomon knows the importance of having a mentor, and so he acknowledges the Managing Director of the Eni store MD, Mr. Ime Uwa as his business mentor.

Furthermore, Solomon wants policymakers and investors to assist him register his company with the Corporate Affairs Commission and also assist him financially to boost his business, install a borehole, purchase a good generating set, and have off-takers to offtake his produce.

The poultry business is very profitable because everything that comes from the birds is sellable. You will not only make money from selling the birds but from their droppings and eggs, too. If you want to venture into the poultry business and succeed, make sure you get the necessary training.

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