Adukwu jessica

Meet Adukwu Jessica, the founder of Domesco Cleaning Services. The business was born out of her desire to help busy people, especially mothers reduce the task of keeping the home and at the same time cleaning the house and allowing them to focus on other areas of their lives.

Adukwu jessica

Jessica affirms that her business is lucrative and one can make money from it. She started her business with a startup capital of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000). The high point recorded in the business so far is her ability to make a profit of forty thousand naira (N40,000) from her business, and the low point of the business is her inability to get clients often.

Jessica affirms that she has thought about giving up in the face of challenges before, but she will never give up. She does not work alone, she has four other janitors working with her. Her business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist Jessica with funds to expand her business.

Contact: 08137611891,

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  1. My big, bold and beautiful woman ! Keep up the good work. The sky is your starting point darling 😘

  2. Your philosophy about life in general is unique and special and am sure your generation will marvel at your greatness….. keeping breaking limits.

  3. Jessica Adukwu for Gold, she’s got a heart of gold and deserves the best, her passion for helping others is immaculate, keep up the good work dear, the sky will be your starting point….. DOMESCO CLEANING SERVICES to the world and beyond….

  4. It’s interesting seeing you venturing into a business like this. You are a hard working person. I wish you a huge success ahead in Jesus name.

  5. Jess as I often call Jesicca Adikwu is a very industrious and studious fellow. An A student in school, I am so impressed by her ability to keep up Domesco Cleaning Services. Thumbs up girl! The sky is your launch pad!

  6. Jess as I often call Jessica, is a studious and industrious lady. I am so amazed by her ability to keep up with her studies and business. Suffice to say that she is an A student.
    Go girl, the sky is your lauching pad

  7. Jessi …as I fondly called her,I love your industrious and courageous person.she is focused and determine to achieve success in whatever she set her heart to do.
    I am very impressed and I will recommend her services to anyone or organisation who want the best delivered to them
    Keep it dear.

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