Antatica Ukoima

Antatica Ukoima is the CEO of De-Deeplomart Wears. His company specializes in producing high-quality clothing such as polo, jackets, and t-shirts.


In 2021, he started a business with the aim of making it easier for people to buy polo shirts, t-shirts, and jackets in their local area instead of having to travel to Aba. The clothing industry is highly profitable since people wear clothes every day and there are events that require special clothing that can only be provided by clothing producers or vendors. Antatica affirms that the clothing business is profitable and one can make money from it. He also makes it known that he started his business with a startup capital of one hundred and fifty thousand naira.

Antatica has experienced many successes in his business and one of them is the contract he was given last year to produce polo for about 1000 nurses in the hospital. His low point is when his workers refuse to pay attention to work.

Antatica admits that he has considered giving up when faced with challenges, but he remains determined not to quit. He does not work alone; he has people working with him, and his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, and SMEDAN. Additionally, he has an official business account.

Antatica Ukoima

Antatica introduces Mr. Justice and Wakky’s signature as his business mentors. He wants policymakers and investors to assist him financially to purchase necessary equipment for his business such as a heat transfer machine, and an electric sewing machine.

Contact: 07089929469,

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