Asukwo Joseph is a 400-level student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Akwa Ibom State University. Asukwo specializes in wiring and the installation of electrical and electronic appliances, running a small-scale business that has not only been profitable but also supports his university education.

Asukwo’s fascination with electricity is evident in his relentless pursuit of ensuring that every system he encounters remains illuminated. His business revolves around buying, selling, wiring, and installing electrical appliances. Through his small-scale venture, Asukwo endeavors to bring light to every corner. His business not only serves as a source of income but also as a means to ensure that people have access to the electrical essentials they need.

Asukwo embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with a modest capital of N100,000. Since then, he has navigated the path of business with commendable success. Challenges are inevitable, but his determination remains unwavering. He has never entertained the thought of giving up, displaying admirable tenacity. Currently, Asukwo manages every aspect of his business independently. While he has not yet registered his business formally, he aspires to do so in the future.

Asukwo draws inspiration from the entrepreneurial prowess of Mr. Dangote, whose success serves as a guiding light in his journey. He advises budding entrepreneurs to embrace risk, start small with what they have, and rely on consistency and determination for growth. He emphasizes that entrepreneurship has the potential to create employment opportunities for youths, provided they receive proper orientation and business training.

Asukwo believes that policymakers and investors can offer invaluable assistance by facilitating his business registration and providing funds. He also envisions the opportunity to establish international networks.

Contact Information: 07061108215;

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