Meet Yahaya Yusuf, the founder of Nagora Agro Allied Company. He ventured into his business two years ago. The agro-allied business is a lucrative business because it involves the use of agricultural produce to make other finished goods for human use. Yahaya affirms that the business is lucrative and one can make money from it.

Being a business that requires large capital to start, Yahaya shares that he started his business with the sum of five hundred thousand naira (500,000). The high point recorded in the business is his ability to attract high-quality customers from different parts of the country. The low point recorded in the business is the losses he incurred due to the lack of standard price in the market. He complains that the prices of commodities in the market are not standardized.

Yahaya has thought about giving up in the face of challenges before, especially when he initially started the business and there was low patronage.

He does not work alone; he sometimes engages people to assist him. Policymakers and investors can assist Yahaya with mentorship and marketing strategies to run his business.

Contact: 08034924081,

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