Introducing Goodness Chiamaka Nwani, a 22-year-old Igbo enthusiast hailing from Ezza South, Ebonyi State. With a passion for making an impact and solving problems, Goodness is currently a student of Communication Arts at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Being the eldest of five siblings, she values leadership and possesses an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Her journey into the world of entrepreneurship was ignited by her childhood experiences in Aba, one of Nigeria’s busiest cities. Not only did she find a love for conceptual designs, but she also recognized the need for cleanliness and stress management. This led her to establish “Gorrand Services,” a Professional Cleaning and Errand Company aimed at relieving people of cleaning stress and managing their daily errands.

Goodness has been pursuing this venture since she was a teenager, officially introducing it to social media in January 2022. Her business holds economic potential, but she emphasizes that patience and dedicated efforts are key to reaping its rewards. Goodness draws inspiration from mentors such as Chioma Ogbudimkpa (CEO of Redbutton) and Chief Cosmos Maduka (CEO of Coscharis Motors).

Remarkably, Goodness started her business with no capital. Despite the hurdles, she found high points in the satisfaction of her clients, leaving environments sparkling and the referrals that followed. However, challenges have tested her resolve. Underpayment by clients and uncomfortable situations have not shaken her determination. She believes in finding solutions rather than giving up.

The structure of her business evolved from solo operations to a team of three, reflecting her growth and commitment to serving clients better. Although her business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, she plans to do so soon.

It is here she humbly requests that Policymakers and investors aid her by providing grants, enabling her to build a multifaceted company that incorporates waste management, recycling, and a tech-driven errand service.

Goodness believes, entrepreneurs can contribute significantly to the economy by generating employment opportunities and contributing to the tax base. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes the sentiment that challenges are inherent to all businesses. She encourages focusing on solutions, reevaluating one’s “WHY,” and persevering through tough times.

In her words of encouragement, she admits, “I do feel down when I look at my competitors but on a second thought, I tell myself, learn from them. Most times I draw strength from them and look at how they do their business, compare it with mine, find out what I’m doing right and what I’m not doing right and apply it”.

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