Jay Bemoh is a hard-working and honest individual who is deeply passionate about his work. He has a diverse set of interests, ranging from pastry making to sales of beddings/duvets and oil perfumes. His journey into entrepreneurship began in 2019 with a starting capital of ₦61,000. He has been driven by his love for baking, which he developed by watching YouTube baking videos and following various bakers.

For Bemoh, baking is more than just a skill; it’s a fundamental art that contributes to nutrition and culture. He believes it’s a lucrative venture that can generate substantial income. His success stories include receiving orders from Lagos and achieving great sales in his beddings/duvets and oil perfume businesses which allowed him to restock his products. However, he has also faced challenges, notably losing about ₦50,000 worth of goods during transit. He looks up to his cousin, Sheila Bemoh, and his boss, Mrs. Nnamsowo Abasifreke, as mentors in his entrepreneurial journey.

Bemoh typically handles his work alone; driven by his passion, but he seeks assistance when faced with a high workload. While he plans to register his business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) once his baking skills are upgraded, the business is already operational under the name “JBee Empire,” dealing in beddings/duvets, perfume oils, and pastries.

Financial challenges have been a hurdle for Bemoh, and he hopes that policy makers can provide access to funding to help him overcome this obstacle.

He sees entrepreneurship competitions as both fun and educational, as they provide an opportunity to learn and collaborate with peers. Bemoh believes that entrepreneurs can create job opportunities and enhance food production, contributing positively to the economy.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to have self-esteem, as it greatly influences how others perceive them. He encourages newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs to trust the process and have faith that their hard work will eventually pay off.

You can reach Jay Bemoh at 07084102410 or via email at bemohjay@gmail.com.

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