peace omini

Peace Omini is 28 years old, and a graduate of the College of Health and Technology Calabar, Department of Community Health. She is into the production of cleaning products such as multi-purpose liquid soap, toilet wash, tiles cleaners, air freshener, dishwashing liquid soap, bleach, antiseptic, disinfectant, insecticide, car wash, aftershave, powdered detergent, laundry bar soap, etc. One of her products is the AJS Essential multipurpose liquid soap.

peace omini

Peace uses some of the above-mentioned products such as dishwashing liquid soap, aftershave and air freshener to make customized souvenirs for all types of events ranging from funerals, Thanksgiving services, birthdays, coronations, and any event at all that the celebrant intends to give out souvenirs. She has also trained people in the production of cleaning products.

Peace ventured into her business in peculiar circumstances. According to her, “I was going through depression and attempted suicide three consecutive times due to the fact that my husband and daughter were sick and they were been referred to one hospital and the other that I came across an advert on the production of cleaning products on Facebook, that I decided to enrol in the online paid classes and got started.”

She started her business in May 2022.

Cleaning products are daily essentials, they are used in the office, home, hotel, church, restaurant, bank etc, so Peace affirms that one can make a lot of money from the production and sales of cleaning products.

peace omini

Peace began her business with a starting capital of ₦ 10,000 and has recorded high points including the production of over 1000 customized souvenirs for a wedding event and the supply of cleaning products to banks, hotels and eateries. However, she says selling to market women is a low point of the business.

She had thought of giving up when she couldn’t go out to sell her products due to some health challenges she encountered.

Peace engages people to work with her and her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Peace affirms that she has a production factory already and some of the necessary machines that she needs but requests assistance from policymakers and investors in giving her business visibility and bigger machines and mentorship on how to collaborate with other people.

Contact: 08105723010,

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