happiness ekanem

Happiness Ekanem is a native of Itukhuo in Ibiono Ibom LGA. She is the founder of SENIPAH NEMZ ENTERPRISE, a registered business with two subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include Seni Power Solutions which is focused on the Sales, supplies & installation of solar energy products and Seni Mushroom Foods, which is focused on the production and processing of mushrooms with the use of waste materials.

On her decision to enter the solar industry, Happiness explains that it was due to the frequent power outages in Nigeria and a personal experience she had while reading with a kerosene lantern that almost resulted in a fire. She began to wonder why there wasn’t a better, safer alternative for lighting and decided to search for a solution. In 2018, she finally found what she was looking for.

On her decision to start the mushroom business, she explains that it stemmed from her childhood memories of waking up early to harvest mushrooms during their season. She wondered why they couldn’t grow mushrooms like other vegetables and asked her mother about it, only to be told that they were a natural fungus that grows on dead wood and cannot be grown by humans. However, her curiosity persisted and she kept asking questions until she attended a Mushroom lecture during her NYSC program in 2016. She was excited to learn how to grow and process mushrooms to share with others who, like her, wanted to eat healthy without waiting for a specific season.

According to Happiness, edible mushrooms aren’t just delicious but full of macronutrients that support a healthy immune system. After undergoing numerous training on how to cultivate mushrooms, Happiness started her mushroom business in 2020. She started the business for people who want to live healthily. She grows organic mushrooms which can be delivered fresh, dried, powdered or processed into mushroom snacks.

happiness ekanem

Happiness affirms that one can make money from Mushroom production because it requires little capital to start up, and the techniques in converting waste products to make money are not difficult. She also agrees that people can make money from the Solar business because people need a more reliable and safe power supply to run their businesses and cannot solely depend on alternative power supplies such as the generator.

happiness ekanem

For the solar business, she started with a startup capital of seventy thousand naira (N70,000) and the mushroom business with a sum of eighty thousand naira (N80,000). The high point recorded in the business is her ability to thrive in both businesses till this moment and the low point of the business was when she invested both her business and personal fund in an inauthentic business.

Happiness agrees that she has thought about giving up several times in the face of challenges and even considered suicide twice. She is thankful to be still alive to tell her story. She does not work alone, she engages people to work with her, and her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Happiness introduces Mr. Idorenyin Asuquo, and Mr. Benbella Onyeaboh as her business mentors and she wants policymakers and investors to assist her financially so she can purchase the necessary work tools to boost production, and also expand her business.

As a piece of advice to new business owners, Happiness has this to say “Don’t get so excited to invest your business money into a scheme you have zero control over. Separate your business money from your personal money. Don’t be quick to get a loan to start a business you’ve not experienced the ups and downs. Don’t just take money from your business without documentation”.

Contact: 09026438915, hapekanem59@gmail.com.

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