Aniekpeno Jeremiah Etim is the proud CEO of “Aniesky Photo Studio”, an entity registered with both SMEDAN and CAC, solidifying its presence in the business world. He’s business offers a range of services including photography, cinematography, photo book making, documentaries, and event coverage.

Aniekpeno’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2022, a year filled with possibilities and promises. Aniekpeno firmly believes that his business is not just a passion pursuit, but also a lucrative avenue for financial growth. The realm of photography and cinematography holds endless opportunities for creativity, and he is determined to harness these potentials and turn them into profit. With a starting capital of N425,000, Aniekpeno embarked on his journey. Despite his venture being just a month old, he already has his sights set on success. He recognizes that the early days are about laying the foundation, building awareness for his brand, and creating a buzz in the market.

The path of entrepreneurship is one riddled with challenges and uncertainties, yet Aniekpeno’s spirit remains unbroken. He’s faced setbacks and hurdles, but the thought of giving up has never crossed his mind. His determination is unwavering, serving as a testament to his commitment to his craft and his brand. He believes in the power of collaboration and has a team of skilled friends working alongside him when necessary. Guiding Aniekpeno’s journey are two notable mentors: ‘Motionz Pictures’ and ‘Wide Angle Photos’.

Aniekpeno’s aspirations are not limited to his immediate surroundings; he envisions a broader impact. He believes that policy makers and investors can play a crucial role in helping him achieve his goals. Their support in upgrading facilities and resources could be a game-changer for his brand’s growth trajectory.

Beyond his individual ambitions, Aniekpeno understands the ripple effect entrepreneurs can have on the economy. By creating jobs, offering valuable services, and contributing through their ventures, entrepreneurs like him play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and stability. For those who aspire to follow in his footsteps, Aniekpeno offers sage advice: The journey is tough, filled with uphill battles, but resilience is key. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to hold onto their dreams and persevere through the challenges that will inevitably come their way.

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