james matthew

James Ozaveshe Matthew is from Edo State, Nigeria. He is currently studying Chemical Engineering at Abubaker Tafewa Balewa University, Bauchi State. He is the founder of M.jay Concepts and Enterprises (Jays tye&dye).

james matthew

His love for colours made him to venture into the business of making colourful wears through adire (tye&dye). Before he started his business, he was into wall arts and colouring and since he could easily match colours he moved on to putting them on wears. It came out great and he decided to start making money from it by turning it into a business.

He ventured into his business in 2019. He asserts that his business is profitable and one can make money from it. He started his business with a startup capital of five thousand naira (N5000).

James has been able to grow his business from scratch to the level that it is presently. He has been able to build an online community for the name and the brand through producing quality wears; record successes of growth and outreach; establish his business in three states which are Plateau, Bauchi and Gombe while reaching the rest partially; have profits and rollover of N50,000 per time which has been re-invested in the business every time, and partner and relate with others.

The low points of the business are the bad weather condition especially the rainy season that affects the business and low patronage, especially at the early stage of the business, and also the failure to purchase resources for the business because of financial constraint.

He has thought about giving up in the face of challenges before but he cannot give up.

He does the work himself and engages people when the demand for the wears is high.  Also, his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist James with mentorship and funding to expand his business.

Contact: 09059657905 or Lambrosky207@gmail.com

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