Meet Akaninyene udo Ita, a poultry farmer who has been in business since when he became an adult and understood the world of business.  The poultry business is one of the most lucrative businesses anybody can venture into because of the high consumption of birds. In addition, poultry farmers do not only make money from the birds but also from their eggs, and droppings. Akaninyene affirms that one can make money from his business through the sale of eggs, chicken, dung, feed, and poultry equipment.

A poultry business requires a considerable amount of capital to start if you want to earn a substantial profit and so Akaninyene started his business with a startup capital of four hundred thousand naira (400,000).

He experienced success in his business during the period of the cashless policy in Nigeria. Moreover, the low points of his business are the high mortality rate of birds during the rainy season, low sales at times, and erosion in the business area during the rainy season.

Akaninyene agrees that he has thought about giving up in the face of challenges. He does that when he faces lots of challenges in his business. However, as a businessman, he always looks for ways to overcome his challenges and still forges ahead.

Akaninyene does not work alone, he has an Assistant Manager who manages the business. Also, his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Furthermore, he introduces God, Honourable Chief Iwang Ingang and Chief Udo Ita Emmanuel as his business mentors.

Akaninyene wants policymakers and investors to assist him with funds to expand his business and also buy the necessary equipment to boost productivity.

Contact: 09070901444, 09066569019,

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