Meet Smart Sampson Smart, an indigene of Eastern Obolo Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. He’s currently pursuing his studies in the prestigious Department of Agricultural Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering at Akwa Ibom State University. Smart’s life is guided by the profound belief that “it doesn’t matter where you come from, but what counts is where you are going.”

Smart’s journey into the transportation business was driven by his love for driving and the financial gain it brings to him as a young undergraduate. His journey behind the wheel began in his SS2 in 2017. He recognizes the immense potential of the transportation business, understanding that it can be highly profitable. Lucky to have parents with a car, Smart didn’t need to seek external capital or payment for vehicle use. He utilized their car to initiate his business venture, however, he has difficulties as his parents also make use of their car whenever they need it.

Smart’s journey has been marked by numerous successes along the way, demonstrating the rewards of his hard work and dedication. Despite facing the challenge of not having a dedicated personal car for his business, He has never contemplated giving up. His determination remains steadfast. Currently, he manages every aspect of his business independently. Although he hasn’t registered his business formally, he aspires to do so in the future.

Smart’s source of inspiration and guidance is his grandfather, who serves as his mentor. Smart advises aspiring entrepreneurs to stay focused and goal-oriented as they pursue their dreams.

Smart believes that policymakers and investors can offer invaluable assistance by providing the funds and resources needed to expand his business.

Contact Information: 08102572506

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