Sampson Aniebiet hails from Abak L.G.A in Akwa Ibom state. Sampson is a passionate enthusiast of both football and music, interests that fuel his creativity and dedication. In 2018, Sampson found himself drawn to the world of conceptual designs, igniting his interest in his current line of business. His passion for creativity and designs led him to venture into this field. His boss who is his mentor, plays a crucial role in shaping Sampson’s journey as an entrepreneur.

The economic potentials of his business are promising, with opportunities to earn money. His starting capital was #150,000, an investment that propelled him into the world of designs and concepts. Since then, Sampson has achieved notable successes. He now stands as an independent entrepreneur, providing valuable financial support to his family. However, challenges are an integral part of any journey. For Sampson, the high cost of materials has sometimes caused scarcity of work. Despite the hurdles, he hasn’t considered giving up.

Sampson specializes in building, focusing primarily on P.O.P and screeding. He handles the work himself, ensuring the quality and creativity he values. While his business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, his dedication to his craft remains steadfast. He wishes Policymakers and investors can assist him by providing networking opportunities and contracts that would boost his business because, entrepreneurs like him can contribute to the economy of his state by enhancing the standard of living and making a positive impact through their businesses.

Sampson’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: Embrace your creativity, pursue your dreams, and never give up. Entrepreneurship holds the potential to shape both financial stability and a bright future.

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