ndifreke akpan

Meet Ndifreke Akpan, an agro entrepreneur based in Lagos. He is the CEO of Fish Bank Nigeria and is very committed and devoted to his business.

He ventured into his business because of his conviction that agriculture holds the key to prosperity and a better nation. Ndifreke avers that his business is very lucrative and reveals that he deals in the production of catfish seeds such as fingerlings, post fingerlings and juveniles and they are an essential part of the aquaculture industry. He concludes that there is no fish without fish seeds so it is an economically viable sector.

He started his business with a startup capital of two hundred thousand naira only (N200,000).

The high point recorded in the business was when he successfully hatched, and managed 50,000 fries to fingerlings in his small farm and sold it to fish farmers for rearing. Moreover, his low point in the business was when his generator broke down and he could not pump water for 2 days which resulted in the death of the entire fries.

He has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges, he keeps on forging ahead despite the circumstances. Ndifreke Akpan is totally involved in his business although he engages other people to work with him. He is an expert in this field and the chief hatcher. Furthermore, his business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

He introduces Marine Agric. Service owned by Enefiok Udo, and Kenaf Fish Farm in Ogun State as his business mentors.

Ndifreke complains that the exchange rate affects the fish business a lot because the farmers depend so much on imported starter feed and the price is influenced by the exchange rate. He wants the government to work on the area of power supply as the cost of running a generator is high. He also wants Policymakers and investors to create an avenue where entrepreneurs can have access to low-interest loans.

Contact: 08168883869, fishbankngr@gmail.com

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