My name is Ukpono Kufre Ibanga. I am 37 years of age, an Agro-allied entrepreneur dealing in Palm Oil sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution. Currently, I am the Founder, DANNI PALM OIL and FOOD MART in Ikot Ekpene L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State where I hail from. I am a graduate of Agronomy from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture -Umudike, Abia State and currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Crop production at the University of Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I am married to Mr. Kufre Ibanga with three children.

Upon graduation in 2011 and eventual completion of NYSC in 2012 at Ogun State, white-collar jobs were not forthcoming. In 2014, matrimonial bells came tolling and I entered into wedlock. In the quest to create economic fortune, make some cash, and quit the never-ending drudgery of being a stay-at-home mother and wife and put to practice what I studied in school, also creating employment for the teeming youth and women, I ventured into my mum’s palm oil business where we currently source, process, package and distribute unadulterated palm oil for domestic and industrial utility using the brand name “DANNI PALM OIL”.

ukpono kufre

The economic potential of our business lies in the fact that individuals, especially homemakers, patronize our product because it’s unadulterated. Various sectors also need palm oil for industrial utility. These include the hospitality industry (hotels, Restaurants, Eatery operators etc.); Food processing/confectionary companies; pharmaceutical Industry; Educational Institutions with boarding facilities; Bakery Operators etc, wholesalers and retailers work with us to supply the product.

I started with a working capital of sixty thousand Naira(N60,000) only which was my savings. I used to engage in only storage value chain of the business until 2020 when I became intentional by engaging in the packaging and distribution of the same palm oil.

My high points have been pushing our product into the market and our satisfaction, the acquisition of customers’ positive feedback, comebacks, referrals and incremental sales. My low points have been when supplies do not meet demands due to low production; moments where choices of domestic issues compete with business matters, when logistics handlers do not deliver products within the required timeframe to customers; and when funding opportunities are not met among other teething challenges common to SMEs.

I admit that I have thought of giving up in the face of challenges. However, when I recollected the perseverance of my enterprising parents and my lovely children, I got inspired to stick to the grind of entrepreneurship.

ukpono kufreukpono kufre

My business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a business name.  I started as a sole owner and runner of the business but I now have 3 staff working for me full-time and 2 part-time staff.

My mentors in business have been Mrs Ifeoma Chunks Adizue whom I fondly call Coach Iphie of the uncommon woman circle. She teaches women how to birth more of their dreams. I got admission into the uncommon Woman University that she promotes and took the WHYDRIM courses in June 2020. Also Barr. Timothy Archibong Esu, a tested Entrepreneur and Lawyer has been a great motivational and business development factor to me.

I seek engagement with policymakers and investors. Policymakers can make operations better for us if they can help reduce multiple tax regimes and licensing costs for SMEs. Investors can assist with funding, access to a larger market and business advisory.

I believe entrepreneurs can increase the internally generated revenue (IGR) of Akwa Ibom State, raise the aesthetic value, generate employment for teeming unemployed youths and increase other economic potentials.

Contact: 07036286891,

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  1. …Ukpono Kufre Ibanga has been one Young Lady (capitalization deliberate) has enjoyed an avid ascend to the heights in entrepreneurship because of her tenacious attentiveness to tutoring in the sector. This has earned her the various successes in her palm oil business which she has so proudly stuck to most importantly to solve the gaps of providing unadulterated product and honestly so; providing employment to young persons within her operational base; won laurels for herself amongst other achievements.

    As one who has used all severity to ensure she stays on course in all her aspirations, I congratulate her for braving the rigours of matrimony and motherhood to succeed in this space so far. This is more so because her brand trajectory has utilized available resources for growth to transcend the difficulties of cottage industry to a promising global trademark with Danni Palm Oil – a sure testament to My conviction in Women Empowerment and a challenge to others

    Cheers to greater heights!

    1. Ukpono (Danny) is an emerging name in agro-allied services. It’s birth to bridge the gab and solve the dire need of homes looking for credible edible oil like she’s putting forth. I salute her doggedness and vision. I am proud of your vision. Maintain the tempo. Shalom.

  2. She is one of the tested, and trusted palm oil vendor, God bless your business brand ma. Danni palm oil, healthy oil, healthy life.

    1. She is legit, tested and trusted vendor.
      Since I started buy my palmoil from her I have peace of mind In my cooking. Danni palmoil is the best no regrate.
      More wins Ma.

  3. Ukpono Kufre is really good at what she does…..I can give it to her, she’s intentional about growth and always aiming at a score point. I wish her all the best in her entrepreneural journey.

  4. When it comes to unadulterated palm oil, pls give it up for Danni palm oil. She has been the best and still staying the best and trusted.

  5. Ukpono Kufre is a honest, dedicated and hard working lady who never compromised on the quality of her goods and what she delivers to customers home and abroad. Her palm oil is the best I have seen and purchased and that is why I will never look else where when I need to purchase palm oil because I don’t compromise on my stardard and I am rest assured I will always get the best from her. Again she is a right plug for any other food items you desire to get.

  6. Kufre is an amazing friend, and mother who knows the business of palm oil in an innovative way, her palm oil is of good quality and comes to me at ease, without any stress, she knows what a customer needs and she keeps her quality untouchable. All the best of this path of greatness the oil boss.

  7. Nice product, I hope to partner with Danni enterprise one day to build a formidable food processing business.

    The entrepreneur behind this venture, Ukpono Kufre is serious minded, and the success of every business depend on such attitude.

    Ubong Alfred
    Serial entrepreneur

  8. Serial entrepreneur who believes in quality and that money value for money expended. Very proud of you and the brand you’re building

  9. it’s such an awesome experience doing business with you. Your products are top notch, you give quality for less and your follow up is exceptional. Keep soaring high ma

  10. I can recommend ukpono kufre ibanga product with full chest,I have become a permanent customer to her product because of the neatness,good taste,good packaging and quality product.

    She is so commited and hardworking women, making sure she delivered to anywhere around the globe,her determination and ressilence need to be studied.
    Long live Danni palm oil!
    Long live Danni foodmart!!!
    Higher we go dear Ukpono.

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