semma usanga

Semma Usanga hails from Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts from the University of Uyo. She is a fashionpreneur who designs and sews dresses of different styles for women and girls. She is the founder of Choice Walker Couture, a company that offers bespoke tailoring, couture dress, Ready-to-wear, Fashion consultancy, Wardrobe Management, and Fashion and design training.

semma usangasemma usanga

Semma reveals that Choice Walker Couture has been a lifetime dream that finally came true in 2020. She has been passionate about sewing and being creative with fabrics since childhood. As a young girl, she told her mother to enrol her in fashion school after her Secondary School. Her passion for sewing made her start hand-sewing blouses, skirts, and even braziers for herself when she could not afford to purchase one.

After her undergraduate programme, she worked in private firms to save money to enrol in a fashion school. Later when she could afford money she went and learned how to sew. She started out by borrowing and renting people’s machines to sew clothes for her customers which always left her with a paltry sum after work.  When she went to NYSC, she saved her monthly allowance to purchase a sewing machine. She finally bought the sewing machine and is grateful that she bought it when she did instead of spending the money on feeding despite the tough time.

semma usanga Choice Walker Couture Choice Walker Couture Choice Walker Couture

Semma reveals that Choice Walker Couture has grown since its establishment and the business has acquired faithful customers in Uyo.  Semma avers that clothing is one of the basic needs of man and everybody wears clothing. The fashion business is thriving because of the numerous events and occasion that requires participants to wear new clothes. Her business is an all-time business that provides trending styles for women and kids.

Semma agrees that her business is lucrative and one can make money from it because the fashion business is diversified. She advises that to make it big in the industry, it is wise to choose your niche and make the best out of it.

She started her business with a startup capital of six hundred naira (N600). She used the money to purchase a pair of scissors, tailor’s chalk, and a measuring tape. Her first achievement was when she bought her first sewing machine, and she is always happy when dresses fit and clients are satisfied with her job. She is also able to organize free beginner classes and currently undergoing an upgrade class to stay relevant in the industry. Her business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Semma usanga

The low point of the business is the inability to purchase enough machines to boost production. The lack of machines has made it difficult for her to employ people and organize her free beginners’ classes. She admits that she has thought about giving up in the face of challenges before, but giving up is not an option for her as her goal is to serve 99% of Nigerians with her top-notch designs.

She works alone most of the time but gets help from people when the workload is huge.

Policymakers and investors can assist Semma with funds to boost her business and purchase an industrial and weaving machine, a stoning machine, and a generator set for production.

Contact: +234 7084661856,

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