The world of photography is a profitable and motivating field that anyone can explore. It fosters creativity, allows for the exploration of scenic locations, and presents opportunities for networking. For those considering a career in photography, Lucy Ndifreke’s story may serve as a source of inspiration.

Lucy Ndifreke Nkak, also known as the Woman Photographer, entered the photography industry in 2020 following the easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Her disappointment with a previous photographer motivated her to pursue this career.

Lucy believes that the photography industry is highly lucrative, and one can earn a substantial income from it. To start her own business, Lucy invested a significant amount of five hundred thousand naira (500,000.00), which covered the cost of the camera body, camera lens, speed light and memory card.

Lucy’s business has achieved a notable accomplishment in consistently producing high-quality pictures that surpass expectations. However, a low point occurred when a memory card was affected by an Automatic Corruption (Virus attack). Despite facing challenges such as being belittled or insulted by clients, Lucy has considered giving up but remains committed to her work.

Although Lucy plays a key role in event coverage, she enlists the help of others for successful execution. However, her business is yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Recognizing the importance of business mentors for growth, Lucy lists Apostle Lawrence Achudume, Pastor Ndifreke Nkak, Mr. Ekemini Etop, and Mr. Gabriel as her trusted advisors.

Lucy wants policymakers and investors to assist her with finances and equipment to set up a standard photo studio. Photography business is a very worthwhile business, but first of all, you need to acquire the necessary skills before venturing into the business in order to thrive.

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