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Olatunji Oluwadamilola Ifetayo is a certified Microbiologist, a health advocate and the founder of Shantilove Nig Enterprise. She is also a volunteer at many NGOs and is passionate about impacting lives. Due to her social impact, she has been recognized with both international nominations and awards.


Ifetayo ventured into her business in 2016 after her National Youth Service in Abuja. According to her, “I searched for jobs and I didn’t get positive feedback from all the organizations I applied to for jobs. So I decided to learn a skill that is related to my course of study in school since I love saving lives. I learned about cleaning products and I monetized it. That is what birthed my business today called Shantilove Nig Enterprise. I registered the business with CAC and also prepared a well-planned business model to help me run a sustainable business.”

She also created a skill empowerment platform to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria leveraging digital tools like social media, and has trained 7030 people online, empowered rural community women and raised 100 business owners.

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Speaking about cleaning products, Ifetayo avers, “After a lot of research I discovered a lot of local cleaning products uses harsh chemical for their production and that is why I formulated my cleaning products with plant-based chemicals which are skin friendly and nontoxic for the safety of individuals and families, aligning with Sdg 3 and 5 respectively”.

Cleaning products is a lucrative business because it is what people use every day. It is a business that has the ability to determine a constant daily income and profit. The profit margin is good, and with a good business model, it is a sustainable business if there is available working capital and resources for production.

Ifetayo informs that ₦1500 was her starting capital in 2016 and after 6 months she was able to get enough profit to purchase some equipment and also register the business.

The business has gotten some high points. Ifetayo has won some grants as a result of this business and has also gotten many awards. She was able to buy her industrial mixer and also impact 7030 youth and women with this skill. Presently, she supplies 20 supermarkets in Abuja, with 3 distributors in 2 states. Ifetayo is hopeful to achieve more feats as she aims to become a household name. However, the rejection of some grants is a low point for the business.

olatunji ifetayo

Ifetayo says she has never thought of giving up in the face of challenges because it is a business she has a passion for and has been able to solve problems in her little way and impact many lives and that has been her motivation.

Shantilove Nig Enterprise runs on a B2C and B2B business model. Ifetayo supplies products to y supermarkets and also to her target customers. She is in charge of the production but has 2 people in charge of packaging and engages people to work with her.  Her business is registered with CAC.

Policymakers and investors can help her business in the area of tax reduction and provision of working capital such as soft loans with moderate interest and grants as the business is still a micro business and a growing business.

Contact: 07031349311

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