Meet Evelyn Joseph, a dedicated student of Akwa Ibom State University, pursuing her passion for self-dependency while juggling her studies in the prestigious Department of Mass Communication.

Evelyn is not your typical student. She’s a young entrepreneur with a strong drive for self-sufficiency. Her entrepreneurial journey revolves around two products: oil perfumes and chin-chin.

Evelyn recognized that people love to make a statement and be noticed. That’s why she ventured into selling oil perfumes, allowing individuals to express themselves through scents. On the other hand, chin-chin, a popular snack, serves as a delicious treat during lectures to keep students refreshed. While oil perfumes offer higher profit margins, the everyday turnover of chin-chin ensures a steady income. The synergy between these two products keeps her business profitable.

Evelyn’s entrepreneurial journey began with resourcefulness. She sourced oil perfumes on credit, paying back the suppliers at the end of each sale, thus accumulating profits. For her chin-chin venture, she started with a humble capital of N3,000.

Despite her determination, Evelyn faces challenges, primarily related to her limited free time. Being a student with only Saturdays available for her business, she struggles to meet the demand throughout the week. The burden of debt from customers had even led her to contemplate quitting the business.

Evelyn primarily operates her business independently but occasionally receives assistance from friends, demonstrating the power of teamwork.

Mayber Events has played a crucial role as a mentor and a source of inspiration, guiding Evelyn on her entrepreneurial journey.

Evelyn’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners is clear: “Strength and endurance.” She believes in the dignifying impact of hard work on the economy of her state.

Policymakers and investors have the opportunity to assist Evelyn by providing the necessary capital to help her expand her business.

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