Meet Emmanuel Udeme John, an enterprising undergraduate pursuing a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom. Emmanuel is a young entrepreneur who stands at the helm of EUJ Designs and Harry Chikito Photography, two budding businesses making waves in the creative world.

Driven by a deep-rooted passion for designing and photography, Emmanuel embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after rigorous learning and training, including intensive boot camps. He launched and operates these businesses with just a laptop, power supply, and data. His journey began in 2016 when he started acquiring relevant trainings, and by 2019, he had breathed life into his ventures.

Emmanuel’s businesses hold immense economic potential. Through EUJ Designs, he specializes in branding and rebranding companies with striking graphic designs, ensuring businesses stand out in the competitive market. Similarly, Harry Chikito Photography captures the essence of products and businesses through visually compelling imagery, a service that holds lucrative promise.

Emmanuel’s journey required minimal initial investment, his laptop and logistics, costing around N100,000. This modest setup has allowed him to bootstrap his businesses successfully.

This entrepreneurial journey has witnessed high points, including product shoots for renowned brands and designing for startups in Lagos. However, he grapples with the challenge of pricing his services adequately, leading to cash flow constraints.

Like many entrepreneurs, Emmanuel occasionally contemplates giving up due to the hurdles he encounters. However, his unwavering determination fuels his resilience.

Operating as a sole proprietor, Emmanuel’s businesses are not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), but he aspires to formalize his operations. He draws inspiration and guidance from Prince Meyson of Ronny Photography, a mentor who has played a pivotal role in shaping his journey.

Emmanuel’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs emphasizes discipline, concentration, patience, and unwavering passion. These qualities are indispensable for navigating the challenges that come with growth. He envisions entrepreneurs contributing to the economy of Akwa Ibom State by ensuring the availability of goods and services at moderate prices, thus benefiting the community.

Emmanuel envisions significant growth opportunities with financial support from investors and policymakers. He aims to acquire essential equipment, including a generator, camera, lighting gear, and a new laptop, to enhance his services.

Contacts:; 09040040973

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