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Matthew Etim is a graduate of Business Administration and Management. He is a 34 years old poultry farmer based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Mathew’s interest in raising birds developed when he was young and used to take care of his grandmother’s hen. He was passionate about it that he promised to own a poultry farm when he grew up.  His dream came to fruition in 2016. He does not only raise birds but also sells bird feeds.

Matthew values his business and takes every precautionary measure to make sure the chicks survive and mature for sale. To motivate his staff to work genuinely, he pays them on time and gifts them broilers. He envisaged expanding his business and introducing interstate sales for profit.

The poultry business is very profitable. According to Matthew, the demand for broilers is high and many people prefer eating broilers to cow meat. Also, the layers lay eggs for sale, and you can sell the droppings too. Matthew Etim started his business with a startup capital of fifty thousand naira (N50,000).

The high point recorded in this business is the ability to run the business to date despite it being his only source of income and paying all his bills from it. The low point of the business is the high mortality of birds during disease outbreaks. This usually takes a toll on the business thereby making him sink deep into debt.

Matthew has thought about giving up in the face of challenges. According to him, it’s always challenging dealing with the continuous death of birds. However, as a core entrepreneur, he cannot give up in the face of challenges but rather forge ahead believing that everything will be fine.

His business has expanded to the point of needing extra hands. He currently has three employees working for him and they are doing really great. The business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. According to Matthew, the people he relies on for business ideas and contributions are professionals studying Animal Husbandry in school and also Farm Managers.  He also introduces a member of his local assembly who is a farm manager, as his business mentor.

Matthew wants Policymakers and investors to grant him access to government grants, and also assist him with funds to expand his business. He also wants the government to combat the high fuel price as it is affecting the conveyance of his produce to the market. According to him, the high transportation rate is affecting the price of birds and also reduces the purchase rate which also affects the income amount.

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