Toni Obot is a passionate individual who is dedicated to solving problems and providing reliable solutions. Currently a student at the University of Uyo, he has also ventured into a small-scale business, which he has been managing with limited funds for the past two years. His primary motivation for starting his paint production business was to achieve financial freedom in a world with a high and demanding cost of living.

Toni Obot believes that there are economic potentials in his business, and one can indeed make money from it, provided they are serious and consistent in their efforts. He started his business with an initial capital of about N20,000 and has already recorded some significant successes, earning up to N100,000.

Like many entrepreneurs, Toni has faced challenges in his business, including downturns in clients and financial losses. However, he has not given up and continues to strive for success.

In terms of the structure of his business, Toni initially handled all aspects of the work himself. However, he now has a partner and envisions expanding further in the future. His business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Toni recognizes the potential for policymakers and investors to assist entrepreneurs like him by creating opportunities for investment and access to funding for small-scale enterprises.

His advice to other entrepreneurs or those looking to enter his line of business is to remain focused and consistent. Toni believes that entrepreneurs can have a significant impact on the economy of his state, especially if there is government support for the growth of private enterprises.

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