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Etoroabasi Arthur is a Cosmetic Chemist who is making a difference in business through the power of creativity.  She is the founder and CEO of ETHY.NG LTD. She oversees the formulation and sales of natural beauty care products from lotions to scrubs, oils and soaps in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Given her creativity and work ethic, she has worked with different private labelling companies to curate and repackage beauty care products at commercial-grade levels.

Her passion for beauty, entrepreneurship, and making a positive impact on society made her venture into her business. Becoming a founder of a beauty care company, to her, is a dream comes true. One of the things that motivate her to forge ahead in her business is the ability to solve various skin issues by providing authentic products and services. The business, ETHY.NG LTD was founded in February 2020.

The skincare business is very lucrative, especially when you are knowledgeable in the field. Etoroabasi reveals that the demand for skin care products and services is increasing, not only in Africa but globally and the increasing awareness of the importance of skincare and the desire to maintain healthy and youthful skin is driving the growth of the industry. She further explains that the beauty care business can generate revenue from various sources, including the sales of skincare products, offering skincare services, and developing private-label skin care products for other businesses.

Etoroabasi Arthur Etoroabasi Arthur

Etoroabasi started her business with a startup capital of seventy-five thousand naira (N75,000). She groomed the business tenaciously from scratch and used the profit derived from it to expand the business and make it what it is today. The high point recorded in the business is the ability to generate revenue from the different areas of her business. She makes money from the sales of ETHY skincare products, offering skincare services and private labelling for brands all over Africa. Another of her success in the business is winning the YEBRA AWARDS 2023 for the Fast Rising Entrepreneur in Akwa Ibom State.

The low point recorded in her business so far is delayed delivery on a few occasions due to poor management from logistic companies.

Etoroabasi has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges. When the journey gets tough, she is always strengthened by her watchword “Trust the process. What lies ahead is greater”.  She affirms that she is thrilled by the journey so far and she is intentional about growing her business.

Etoroabasi oversees and supervises all sectors of her business although she does not work alone.  She has people who help her during product formulation at the lab when the demand is high. is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Policymakers and investors can assist her with funding to expand her business; Business Expertise, Networking, and Industry Knowledge to grow her business.

Contact: 08102317124,

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