Edidiong Atainyang, a passionate writer and aspiring entrepreneur, shares her journey into the world of Makeup and Gele tying. As a 200level student of English Education at the University of Uyo, she embarked on her business venture some months past.

She recognizes the economic potential of her makeup and gele tying business and believes it to be profitable. Edidiong started with an initial capital of ₦30,000 but hasn’t achieved significant milestones yet, although she recently achieved her best makeup work.

Financial challenges have been a low point for her, and she has contemplated giving up. Edidiong handles her business herself and hasn’t registered it with the Corporate Affairs Commission. She draws inspiration from people who excel in similar ventures.

Entrepreneurs, according to Edidiong, can contribute to the economy of their state by enhancing productivity and improving service delivery through healthy competition. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in her line of business is to be determined and consistent.

Edidiong hopes that investors can support her by providing additional working tools for her business.

Edidiong can be reached at 08020687776; ediatainyang1@gmail.com.

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