Abasiama Daniel

Meet Abasiama Daniel, the founder of Abasiama Enterprise, a business that deals in soft drinks, stout, beer, bottled water, sachet water, etc. He ventured into his business in November 2022. The business is lucrative because many people take drinks and nearly all events share drinks and so the business is lucrative.

Abasiama daniel

Abasiama affirms that his business is lucrative and one can make money from it.  However, he advises that the business requires enough capital to start.

He started his business with a substantial amount of three hundred thousand naira (N300,000). The business had been successful until the period of naira scarcity when it nearly crumbled, however, he is currently reviving the business.

Abasiama has never thought about giving up in the face of challenges, to him challenges are springboards that propels him to forge ahead and never give up. He works alone, and his business is yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

He introduces his suppliers as his business mentors and wants policymakers and investors to assist him with funds to expand his business to boost productivity. Also, he wants them to help him register his business with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Contact: 08065974099, abasiamadaniel2019@gmail.com.

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