Edidiong Justine Michael is an enterprising individual who embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2021, armed with a modest starting capital of N15,000. Her business venture primarily revolves around selling women’s clothing, a domain that has proven to be both profitable and challenging.

While Edidiong’s business is generally lucrative, there are periods when sales plateau, causing her to grapple with the decision of persevering or throwing in the towel. Remarkably, she remains resolute and tenacious, forging ahead even when faced with adversity.

Operating as a sole proprietor, Edidiong conducts her business from the comfort of her own home. At present, her enterprise awaits formal registration with the appropriate authorities.

Drawing from her own experiences, Edidiong emphasizes the significance of having a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. She believes that a guiding hand can make a substantial difference in achieving success in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Edidiong underscores the pivotal role entrepreneurship plays in stimulating economic growth.

In her view, policymakers and investors can play a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs like her by providing mentorship and financial sponsorship.

For inquiries or collaborations, Edidiong can be reached via email at edidiongmichael2018@gmail.com or by phone at 09036039655.

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