Ekanem Ekponoimo Iyakise, a dedicated student enrolled in the department of Mathematics Education at Akwa Ibom State University, shares insights into his entrepreneurial journey. His passion for business ignited at a young age, starting in primary school. Witnessing the potential for profit, he was inspired to delve further into the world of entrepreneurship.

Ekanem recognizes the economic potential in transportation business, emphasizing that one can indeed make a substantial income from it. He acknowledges both high points and low points in his journey. Like many entrepreneurs, he has faced challenges that led him to contemplate giving up.

Ekanem seeks support and guidance from policymakers and investors to help him navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

He offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to take their endeavors seriously, as the effort they invest will determine their outcomes. Entrepreneurs, in Ekanem’s view, can have a significant impact on the economy of their state, particularly by providing opportunities for the youth population.

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