Victor Essien is a determined individual who is driven to achieve the impossible. His passion and love for his line of business led him to venture into creating cartoons and 2D cartoon animations.

The economic potential of his business is evident, as it allows him to communicate through motion graphics while generating income. Despite starting with a capital of N70,000 to learn the skill, Victor has experienced both highs and lows. He’s achieved making 150k in a month, but he’s also encountered low points with earnings as low as 10k in a month.

Despite facing challenges, which are natural in any business, he remains strong and finds inspiration from God, himself, and his chosen mentors. He is seeking support in the form of good drawing tablets and a laptop from policymakers and investors.

While his business isn’t registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission yet, he is taking steps towards that goal. He believes that entrepreneurs can significantly impact the economy of their state by creating job opportunities for themselves and others.

For further inquiries, Victor Essien can be reached at 07087963085 and

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